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  1. I'm currently running an NZXT H440 and don't find it to be the quietest case in the world, especially under load. In it, I have: i5 4670K cooled by H80i (older style). Asus Strix GTX 970 1 hard drive Even when idle it's just not as quiet as my mates' Bitfenix prodigy is quieter with a stock intel cooler and 760 Direct CUII. I've tried to have a look around but nothing seems quiet enough, or looks good enough. I really like the look of the ibuypower revolt 2 and the antec cube (designed by razer). I like how it shows off the GPU and how compact they are. Aesthetics are as important. This move is purely because I'm fed up of moving my H440 around - it's a heavy lump and I move a lot (at university). The NCase is very appealing but lack of availability in the UK is a killer. What are your thoughts? As above, the case must be available in the UK.
  2. Ah yes, forgot about budget. It's about 300 GBP, but I don't really want to spend that much if possible. The less, the better. One thing to add too, I really dislike noise. I've got a H440, and couldn't hear my 760 Direct CUII, so I'd like to have similar noise levels.
  3. I'm looking to buy a new GPU and to be honest, the 300 series looks disappointing, consisting of mostly rebrands of older gen GPUs. I'm not sure which to go for, a new Direct CUII 290X for 223 GBP or a 970 Strix for 280 with GTA V, Witcher and Batman. I'll be buying GTA anyway, but I'm not overly interested in Batman and Witcher. I currently game on a 1440p monitor, so must handle 2.5K gaming well (though I don't mind running it at 1080p for some games). I'm quite interested in Freesync/G-Sync, so it may be a factor when choosing. I don't want to spend loads on a new monitor, and fluidity>resolution for me. 1080P looks great, so no stuttering would offer a better experience, however I cannot deal with a single input as I use my XBOX One with the monitor too.
  4. Upgrade from a 7850 to a 760 was a noticeable improvement at 1080p - it will be even more so for OP coming from a 650Ti.
  5. Rubbish port on PC. Graphics options are vastly limited. Gameplay is a bit like - what gameplay. You spam the block and attack at precise intervals (regular - I'd say about every half a second) and YOU WILL NO GET HIT. I was quite disappointed with the game, especially since the cost. Took me around 3 hours to complete with no difficulty (and that was on hard). EDIT: For some reason though, I still really liked it... Given all the negatives, it was one of my most enjoyable games of 2014. Maybe 2nd in my list. It's probably because it was different, something fresh (in terms of setting etc). Plus, sword fighting games for me always makes it at least a 5/10.
  6. It depends on the screen size. If the PPI are the same, then no, but if you're comparing a 1080p 6 inch phone to a 1440p 5.5 inch phone, then there is a noticeable difference. Even a 5.5 inch screen of both resolutions has a difference (not as noticeable, but text looks sharper).
  7. A generic term that doesn't take into consideration how good each individuals eyesight is. Using your theory, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference between a 1080p phone (say, an S5) and an iPhone's retina screen - many will be able to tell you there is a small difference, most noticeably with text. However, you've then got to take into account whether or not the content scales properly. 1080P looks better on a native 1080P screen than a 1440P screen of the same size and equal distance.
  8. Can't do what? After reading above, it looks as though I've not worded it very well. Firstly, I was referring to a TV around the 50 Inch size at 12 feet, not a 27 inch monitor (which is what it looks like I'm saying).
  9. Panels for phones are heavily mass produced, and will ship in the 10s of millions, plus they only have to serve as a display for that device. 1080p panels used in monitors are now really cheap (can be had for under £100 here in the UK), however they don't sell as many, as people tend to keep monitors longer. Because of the much smaller screen, it also costs less in materials, plus some don't use the same design (eg some are pentile matrix instead of RGB stripe). Then there's the cost of the the housing, the features they bring, marketing of the TV. It doesn't seem logical at first really, the cost difference.
  10. A case is as good as its features. Take a look at reviews for each one, and then decide which you like the best.
  11. I can tell the difference between 1080p and 4K at a viewing distance of approximately 12 feet. 1440P 27 inch looks no better than a good 22 inch 1080p. I'd happily make the switch to 4K if I had the money, and if windows could scale. This being said, 1080P films still look incredible. There's a great short film, Sintel, that's available in 4K, and on a 1440P screen there's a clear difference in quality. https://durian.blender.org/download/
  12. Onboard audio is pants compared to my E07K. The Fiio adds tighter bass and better soundstage. The only thing is, since I've got the IE80s, I can now hear the (quite loud actually) noise produced by it.
  13. I simply didn't have the money. 120 is what I had in my bank, and I needed 6 for the mic.
  14. And.... The left driver is broken. God awful quality from Beyer yet again. This is what it sounds like https://soundcloud.com/mrrockliffe/beyer-dt990-pro-sound-test