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  1. I like the idea of a mini-itx but I haven't seen any lower than $90 even used. And I am one cheap sob
  2. Thanks for the info on the heatsink, I read in a couple reviews that it didn't have one but didn't know what that entailed.
  3. I'm waiting to choose a motherboard until I buy most the other components since I made that mistake on my first rig. Lol thanks for the tip though.
  4. I have been looking to buy a mATX motherboard to make a LAN box with. I'm going AMD because a friend accidentally gifted me a ryzen CPU since he knew I was on an AMD system looking to upgrade. (I'm on FX processor lol) I'm all for used and open box items for a steal and have my eyes on a MSI B450 Mortar on Craigslist listed for $75 (hopping to wiggle down to $60 since it's been listed for over a month) I've looked at some basic reviews but come to you guys for a final thought, other than the risks of buying used, are there any reasons not to go with this board? And if so, what board would you recommend in it's place? Unfortunately this is been another case of people not removing their Craigslist post until another person asks if it's still available. All's well that ends well though, as I forgot third gen was coming out soon. So now I'll wait till new motherboard hit shelves to see what the landscape for mATX and mITX boards are then.
  5. Tigermanic

    AliExpress Water Cooling Doesn’t Suck?!

    You say you'd rather buy used parts, but I see almost nothing on eBay and Craigslist for used water cooling kits and parts. AIO's out the wazoo though...
  6. Tigermanic

    Best AM4 MATX mobo. (B350/X370)

    Biostar has an X370 matx board on newegg if chipset matters to you, but honestly you're not getting anything significant over the Asrock board and the B350 is cheaper. Biostar MoBo
  7. We could be getting Vega GPUs in late July, and if specs are to be believed, things are looking great for Team Red! The post then goes on to talk about potential pricing schemes and comparing Vega to RX 500 and GTX 1080
  8. Tigermanic

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I just built my first PC and I have it equipped with a humble little XFX R7 240. I definitely wouldn't mind a major upgrade in the graphics department for both gaming and to replace my Xbox as my media center!
  9. Tigermanic

    Blade-less fan pc cooling?

    Wow, that's for all the input guys. I figured it wouldn't be practical and didn't plan on ever doing it, it's just a thought that's been on my mind since I saw one on TV.
  10. Tigermanic

    Blade-less fan pc cooling?

    I have never built my own PC but I've been watching more than a few DIY about dodgy ways to cool a PC. But I was wondering if you could use a Dyson style blade-less fans to cool your set up? Ignoring the impracticality of installing said fans, for this provide enough air pressure too cool? Any thoughts other than "no that's stupid" without explanation would be cool. Though now I've opened the flood gates by saying not to say that.