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  1. With almost 10 000 people voting to have this widget back, thet still do not set this as a priority. Source : https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Android-Android-Widget/idi-p/4802473
  2. Hi all, I assume we got lots of Spotify (free/premium) users and a certain amount of us have an Android phone. Since the latest version of Spotify on Android, Spotify has removed their widget... Even if your widget is still on your homescreen, it doesn't work anymore. Pressing the buttons go no where. Many posts have been created on various sites where lots of people (including me) are wondering why Spotify decided to remove this feature. Spotify their current response: "Control your music via the notifications" https://community.spotify.com/t5/Android/Android-Widget-Removal/td-p/4800301 Even I find it annoying to now swipe down my notifications, just so I can control my next songs etc... Anyone else also finds this annoying? Edit: added link
  3. Sauce

    r9 280x fan speed

    I had this problem for over a year and yesterday I took the time to investigate. My issue was on a Sapphire R9 280x Dual-X but the issue should be the same as on other models. This issue is caused becaused the fans cable was not plugged in correctly on the motherboard of my GPU. See if this is the case for you as well. On my card, this was located at the back and it has a white connector on the motherboard. Just by pushing the connector to the correct rested position was enough to fix my issue. See below example, it's the white connector underneath the heatsink, on the motherboard of the GPU. This last pin on the connect is probably the signal that is required to autotune the fan speeds of the card.
  4. Sauce

    Scavenger Hunt - Building Cheap LAN PC

    The games I would most likely play on LAN parties are: Hearthstone World of Warcraft Heroes of the Storm Overwatch Counter Strike Global Offensive FIFA series Rocket League Orc Must Die series
  5. Hello everyone. Short intro: My name is Sauce, Asian roots living in Belgium. Born in 1988 and working as an IT consultant in the financial sector. I've long been wanting to build an secondary PC, to bring with me to LAN parties. Although I only visit 1 LAN party per year, the appeal of having a very compact PC is something that I've always wanted to have. Because the nature of LAN parties, I don't like the idea to bring my high end gaming rig with me. Therefore, I've decided to build a cheap gaming LAN PC. My parts: 20 EUR - Coolermaster Elite 130 + free 4 USB 2.0 5"25 Hub Sharkoon 40 EUR - I5-2400 (non K) with stock cooler 50 EUR - Intel DQ67P (m-ITX) + I/O shield 35 EUR - Corsair 4GB x2 1600 (total of 8GB) 100 EUR - Sapphire R9 280x 40 EUR - OCZ 600w Powersupply 10 EUR - 128 GB SSD Micron 5 EUR - 500GB 7200 Hitachi HDD Total money spend: 300EUR Click on spoiler to see picture part list. Honestly, I've never thought that I would be able to make a decent gaming PC rig for this price. The CPU will become a bottleneck at some point, but I've always been playing games on LAN parties that do not require any high end components. Again, this system was build to be just bring around at LAN parties. The games I would most likely play on LAN parties are: Hearthstone World of Warcraft Heroes of the Storm Overwatch Counter Strike Global Offensive FIFA series Rocket League Orc Must Die series Any other game like GTA 5 for example, I would be rather playing on my main system (i7 6700k, GTX 980ti). Unlike in the theme of Scrapyard Wars, I did not had any additional peripherals laying around for my secondary machine. Therefore, I had to buy them as well. I ended up with: 15 EUR - Logitech G15v2 5 EUR - Logitech MX310 + free mouse mat 100 EUR - 25" UltraWide LG25U65 (2560x1080) 20 EUR - 7.1 Corsair 2100 Headset with broken mic 10 EUR - Plantronic Desk Mic (new) Overall, I'm very happy with the parts I was able to get for the price I've spend on the used parts. I don't have any benchmark numbers or anything for new, but they will be available once I've spend my weekend at the LAN party (Sugarlan in Belgium). Click here to view pictures of the finished build. Thank you for reading my small build log. If any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. Kind Regards, Sauze