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  1. I name mine after pastries for some odd reason I currently have: Waffle, Pancake and Croissant. My brother names his after his favourite artists albums and tracks: Ziggy, DiamondDog
  2. 3 years locked in. If it dies 3 years from now you will become the proud owner of an i5-4570
  3. I did. I just thought I was doomed with a shit PC
  4. Too right I did. Running faster than I ever thought it could
  5. I didn't mount it correctly meaning that it never came in to contact with the CPU and just hovered above it Cooler> Paste> Air> CPU
  6. The temperature has only recently gotten to 90 and I know this is the worst excuse but I really couldn't be bothered disconnecting everything. Also I had no thermal paste to apply so there was no point in taking it apart. The only reason I found out was because I was cleaning it out and installing a new fan.
  7. So today I found out that my thermal paste never came into contact with my CPU due to the cooler not being mounted properly. This was the thermal paste that was already applied to the CPU cooler when it arrived. This also means that because I have never replaced it, my CPU has not had thermal paste for 3 years!!! For anyone who is interested, after actually fixing the issue I saw a drop from 90°C to 35°C idle. My question is how has it survived this long without breaking? Also the best guess at how this CPU will die (when it does(probably soon)) can have it. Also sorry if this is in the wrong place or is uninteresting as this is my first post.