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    Barfing rainbows daily
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    (not)The Bleeding Edge, Denmark
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    IT, PC, Outdoor, Electronics, Gaming, White-hat hacking.
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    My life is random, rapid and spontaneous. I would like to keep it that way.
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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
  • Motherboard
    ASRock X470 Taichi
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengence Pro RGB 16GB (2x8)
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Gaming
  • Case
    Corsair Crystal 680X RGB White
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    3x256GB SSD (One m.2 NVMe, others are SATA) + 3TB HDD
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    Corsair CS650M 80+ Gold
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    ViewSonic 24" XG2401 and Dell 1080p
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    be quiet! Dark Rock 4
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    Ozone Strike Battle MX Brown
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    Steelseries Rival 600
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    SteelSeries Siberia 840
  • Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

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  1. To dertermin if it's the CPU that is bottlenecking try opening Task Manager and put it on the second monitor then fire up Cities Skylines and watch the CPU utilization. If the CPU is pinned at 100% all the time = CPU is bottlenecking. If not it might be something else. I do know, however that Skylines is a CPU heavy game.
  2. Didn't know such a tool existed. Will take a look soon.
  3. Yes. Model: Corsair CMW16GX4M2Z3600C18
  4. Hi I just upgraded to a 3900X and bought some Corsair Vengence RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) 3600Mhz. I wanted to tighten the RAM timings as I want to get all the performance avalible. Anyways. To figure out what I should set the RAM timings at I'm using the DRAM Calculator for Ryzen tool. So I go in and select what generation CPU I have and so on but I'm also asked about what Memory type I have. I went looking in the BIOS but the only thing I could find was that the manufacture is Micron and the software has 5 different Micron options... TL;DR I need to know what Micron memory is used in the Corsair Vengence RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) 3600Mhz kit.
  5. Uptivuptiz

    AIO Testing

    I'm not entirely sure... If this was me I would connect the pump header as well just to be sure, but I dont think it'll break if you dont.
  6. Uptivuptiz

    I can safe remove my C:\ drive. WHAT??? Help!

    Never tried to remove it. Was too scared to try
  7. Uptivuptiz

    I can safe remove my C:\ drive. WHAT??? Help!

    Ok, @Origami Cactus. I figured it out: My hot-swap option in the BIOS was off by default, but apparently my motherboard has 2 SATA ports that are hot-swap enabled all the time... So a quick move of SATA cables fixed the problem
  8. Uptivuptiz

    I can safe remove my C:\ drive. WHAT??? Help!

    If it becomes abseloutly nessecary I will reinstall but I would like to try and fix this before that.
  9. Uptivuptiz

    I can safe remove my C:\ drive. WHAT??? Help!

    No. Didn't seem like it was necessary. Windows works just fine. Just that one oddity.
  10. Uptivuptiz

    I can safe remove my C:\ drive. WHAT??? Help!

    Yes. That might fix it... Will try when I get home. You'll hear from me again
  11. Uptivuptiz

    Will there be a clearance issue?

    There wil be clearance. Since the heatsink itself does now overlap the RAM slots it's not a problem. The fan might hit the RAM thought but you can just move the fan up a bit and it should fit.
  12. I just upgraded my system to a X470 Tachi from ASRock and a 3900X and I didn't reinstall Windows. It still works fine, but now I can safe remove my C:\ drive for some odd reason. I want to remove that option so I don't eject it on accident someday. Anyone has any idea how to fix this?
  13. Uptivuptiz

    9900K: AIO vs D15s

    Well I'll be damned... Didn't know this cooler existed. Watched some reviews of it. But yeah go with the NH-U12A instead of the NH-D15.
  14. Uptivuptiz

    PC Upgrade

    Ok. Then what you have found is fine.
  15. Uptivuptiz

    PC Upgrade

    Have you considered buying second hand Ryzen 2000 CPUs?