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    My life is random, rapid and spontaneous. I would like to keep it that way.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
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    ASRock X470 Taichi
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    Corsair Vengence Pro RGB 16GB (2x8GB)
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    ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti ROG STRIX OC
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    Corsair Crystal 680X RGB White
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    3x256GB SSD (One m.2 NVMe, others are SATA) + 3TB HDD
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    Corsair CS650M 80+ Gold
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    ViewSonic 24" XG2401 and Dell 1080p
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    be quiet! Dark Rock 4
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    Ozone Strike Battle MX Brown
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    Logitech G Pro Wireless
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    SteelSeries Siberia 840
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
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    Dell XPS 15 9570 8750H 16GB RAM 500GB SSD 1080p

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  1. I've never really trusted Bottleneck tester as is sometimes tells you that "you have bad performance" in terms of bottlenecks when in reality the system in question is just fine. In this case a 1080 paired with a 3700X will be just fine.
  2. I have seen some motherboards with HOTSWAP ONLY SATA ports. Check your motherboards manual and see if there's any on your board.
  3. Just plug the monitor into the GPU instead of the motherboard.
  4. What components are in his current system? Just for reference.
  5. First try and remove the old driver with DDU and then go to Nvidias website and install the latest. Hopefully that fixes it.
  6. The first 2 pics i dont know what is, but i (somewhat) know the rest: 3rd pic: This is a molex to 6-pin PCIe power connector. 4th: IDE cables for old hard drives. 5th: Looks like more IDE cables, but hard to see when the picture is taken from the side. 6th: This one is a little complicated.... It looks like the bottom half of the braket is USB. That just plugs into a normal USB 2.0 header on your motherboard. The other one i dont know.
  7. Any pictures would be very helpful
  8. You can plug the new drive into your excisting machine and download Minitool Partition wizard. It has a disk cloning tool you can use. This guide should help you along the way.
  9. If I were you I wouldn't be worried. Getting someones IP through Discord is near impossible. And turning off the power is only possible if the person has physical access to the braker in your house or if they can hack into the powergrid controller (which is HIGHLY ILLIGAL) and shut down the entire grid leading to your house. The threads imposed are empty. Just don't click on any links that the they send to you if you wanne be abseloutly sure.
  10. Now, I don't know this for a fact, but it would be extremely stupid if the iGPU didn't work. The CPU is on the supported CPU list.
  11. If you already have setup remote desktop for the machine you can get dislpay output via another PC. However that is only if you already have had it working before. Just a fun little thing i discorvered recently.
  12. Yesterday I recieved a used 1070 Ti from Gigabyte that I'm gonna use for my LAN machine. However the fans are quite loud when the card is under load, so I thought to myself: "Wouldn't it be possible to take the cooler shroud off, remove the fans and slap a couple of Noctua NF-A12x25 on?" And after thinking about it and researching a bit I concluded that this would be possible. The only problem is that the card uses non-standart PWM fan headers. I guess i just have to snip the cables off the old fans and solder them to the Noctua ones. Another option would to stil remove the shroud and fans, but plugging the Noctua fans into a normal PWM header on the motherboard and finding some software solution for linking the GPU temp to the fanspeed. Any thoughts and/or ideas are welcome.
  13. Does the PC bootup when the CPU power is coneected? If the PC starts normally and the GPU fans does not spin then everything is fine. The 1070 has a 0RPM fan mode where if the GPU doesn't get above 50C the fan will not turn on.