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  1. I’m wanting to deploy a custom windows 10 programs list via group policy for staff and students with apps I want in the folders? Anybody know how to do this?
  2. This is what im trying to do in the locked screen picture url box but the image that i want to upload is on my local hardrive Thanks
  3. what do you mean im trying to upload a wallpaper to azure Configuration policy as a lock screen wallpaper as i have to use an url but i want to upload this image below
  4. Hello recently ive started a azure AD in the cloud as im wanting to move people to the cloud and ive deployed aload of things that work great so far but trying to deploy a wallpaper for the lockscreen and Desktop wallpaper for users has become a hefty task and i nee help trying to upload an image below is the image i want to upload to users desktops as a policy but when i come to upload it in the configuration policy and go to locked screen experience i have to use a url like https://image.jpg and i have a image that is on my local hardrive please someone help. Than
  5. Hello thank you for actually viewing this post or topic. I need help and advice creating a VPN in Active directory domain Services in windows server 2012 r2 I need step to step instructions on how I actually do this Thank you very much.
  6. Hello I need urgent help me and my team have setup exchange server 2013 running on server 2012r2 standard but when any user tries to login to their owa account on our outlook web app when they login they just see a blank page please help this is urgent thanks
  7. It’s a intel i3 7th gen dell running windows server 2019
  8. So I’m trying to install exchange server but I get this error in the picture that in have provided below I need urgent help
  9. Who could help me make the desktop of a user when disconected from the network not show their desktop
  10. Yes I would personally recommend the beats solo 2 headphones I’ve been using them for 2years and I can never hear my mum yelling at me definitely recommend
  11. Please could anyone send me the the powershell commands to install exchange server 2019 on my domain controller running running windows server 2016 please would be highly appreciated Thanks
  12. Does anyone know a video where i can customize the lockscreen on windows 10 from my windows server 2019 server thanks if anyone intreseted please contact me so you can email me thannks
  13. OK thanks i will recomend this stuff to the team at work could you send me emails about new equipment that may be any value to me contact me back if your intrested thanks
  14. I personally think that windows deployment is pretty crap because you have to bring every laptop and plug it into a switch what is the point in that but many others may disagree