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    Want to become a computer engineer. Building my first PC this christmas


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    i5 6500
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    MSI Z170A Krait gaming
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    Kingston hyper X 4gbx2 2133
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    Sapphire R9 380x
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    NZXT S340
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    WD 1 TB blue and 250gb 850-evo
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    EVGA 650W G2
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    Logitech G502
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    windows 10 64 bit

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  1. I need a GPU and have $3-ish to spend. I mostly played CS:GO and stream it. Obviously, I want to get around 300 fps in CS while streaming it. I do play GTA V and want to be able to played other games at 60+ fps at 1080p at medium settings. Any recommendations? I have not been in the market for a bit. Is there a streamer benefit to the Nvidia or AMD side in terms of drivers/software these days? My CPU is an i5 8600k at 3.8 ghz and my current GPU is an R9 380x btw
  2. Yeah USD. Oh, that's sick. I'd probably prefer an Nvidia card for shadow play then.
  3. My budget is $350 and right now I have an R9 380x, which isn't awful but it's pretty old. I was thinking about the Rx 590, but I've seen a lot of controversy around that card. I haven't been in the market in a while so I'm kind of lost on the Nvidia side. The goal is 1080p 144hz gaming, and to not have to upgrade for a while. My CPU is an i5 8600k btw. Thanks! Side question: I have a 144hz monitor with free-sync but no G-sync. How bad would it be if I got an Nvidia GPU? Because then I wouldn't have free-sync(AMD GPUs) or G-sync. Monitor link: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236722
  4. You're funny, can we just ignore the game and can you recommend some parts?
  5. I still dip under 100 fps sometimes and almost never go over 200fps. Just ignore the game, people don't rly understand bc they think CSGO is easy to run, which it is, but most competitive players strive for 200+ fps at all times
  6. Black Friday is coming up and I was thinking of upgrading my pc. I mostly play CSGO and was wondering what would give me the best performance/FPS boost. I have like $300 to spend right now, but I would love general recommendations on what parts are good now for future buying. My build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Mwpg8K BTW for a GPU, I want to stick to AMD bc I have a Free Sync monitor. Opinions on the RX 580? What CPU would you recommend? Thanks
  7. I'm trying to add a new favicon, but it won't update. I'm using google chrome, it is in 50x50px form, and I erased my browser cache multiple times. I tried .png and .ico. It still won't update. Can't find any answers on any forums. Can someone help?
  8. pc build list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/VTJJr7 So I'm thinking of going from the i5 6500 to the i5 7600K. I've been out of the pc market for a while so I've kinda lost track of everything. Would this be a substantial upgrade/worth upgrade? I mostly play csgo, and I get like 200+ fps with my current pc, but in DM servers it gets a little low(120-150). Would my GPU(R9 380x) "bottleneck" it? CSGO isn't very GPU reliant so I'm not that worried. I know the term isn't used right a lot, but just wondering. I have an Z170 MB so I would probably overclock it. Thanks
  9. I'm having trouble setting up iMessage on my mac. I don't currently have a phone number, and I want to use my iCloud address as my phone number to text. All the people I'm texting, use apple devices or use their iCloud address as their "phone number" so this should be viable. I have an Apple ID and a iCloud address. I'm just having trouble hooking everything up. Im signed in to my iCloud, but it doesn't show up in my Message "Accounts" tab(see screenshot) Side note: My laptop was previously used by other people and had multiple Apple ID accounts logged onto it, so they're some inactive, old accounts still logged into iMessages. I don't know if this effects anything, but it makes everything a little more confusing. So can someone just walk me through the steps? I couldn't anything helpful online. Thanks
  10. restarted but then the whole keyboard stopped working. Ins key worked to "turn it back on", but shortcuts still acting weird EDIT: dont know if this matters but it is a latop not a bluetooth keyboard
  11. I have to put the cursor a space to the left to delete text. Like it deletes to the right and not to the left. Up and down arrows scroll down web pages. Can't fix it in keyboard/system preferences. Help? Thanks
  12. Thinking of buying the fk2/1 and have some concerns. What is your hand size and what grip do you use? Which model do you use? (fk2/1/1+) Do you accidentally click the buttons on the other side? (ex: for right hand user, the right side buttons) Does your ring and pinky finger lay on the side buttons? If so does it annoy you? Thanks!
  13. Yeah I fixed by resetting everything already