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    MSI z490 Gaming Edge
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    32 gigs Gskill Sniper X 3200
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    EVGA RTX 2080 ti FTW 3 Ultra
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    Fractal Meshify S2
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    HP SSD EX920 M.2, Intel 730 240 gig, Samsung 850 Evo 500 gig, 1 tb WD Black
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    EVGA P750
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    LG 34 GN 850B
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    NZXT Kaken X53
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    G pro
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    CM MX720
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    Sound Blaster X3
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    Windows 10 home

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  1. I have posted the latest update to my battlestation as well as a new addition, my son's first battlestation. The first one is my son's battlestation. The rig is an AMD 3100, 16 Gb of Corsair LPX 3200 memorry, an Asus TUF 1650 super, 500 Gig Intel ssd and a Corsair rm 650x psu in a Phanteks Eclipse P300 case. He is using an Asus VG248QG 144hz G-sync monitor and a Razer KB and mouse. The last 3 pics are my updated battlestation. The rig has been completely updated since my last post. Specs are in my signature. Cheers
  2. I know some versions of the Asus Strix 5700xts had the wrong sized screws in them that caused the heatsink to sag and not provide proper contact with the GPU. If your card is recently purchased, this should be a non issue but if your card is 10 months + old then it might be something to look into. It happened to a friend of mine's card and he had to order the screws from Asus. Here is a link to the issue: https://www.pcgamer.com/after-overheating-concerns-asus-is-helping-rx-5700-owners-tighten-their-screws/ The article provides the serial numbers of the affected cards so it make
  3. Thanks very much for the information. I don't know how I missed that review. Cheers!
  4. Hello all, I am a little confused about my monitor's highest refresh rate and adaptive sync and G-sync. While searching for answers the only place I can find this being addressed is on an Amazon user review. The monitor is G-sync compatible and does achieve a 160 Hz refresh rate. The amazon reviewer stated that the refresh rate range for adaptive sync (G-sync) to work on this model is 40-144 Hz. Is this accurate? Thanks for any input!
  5. For anyone interested, I ended up getting the Steel Series Apex Pro. It had the features I wanted and some that might be interesting to tinker with. I got it on sale on Prime Day and is well reviewed.
  6. Hello, I have gone through 2 Logitech G810 Orion Spark gaming keyboards and my latest just died. I really liked the illumination per key feature and that the profile can be tied to a game when I start it up. Because this is an older KB I was able to use the LGS software and avoid the G-Hub software that I can't stand for various reasons. Unfortunately, if I was to go for a newer Logitech KB, I would have to use G-Hub and that is not going to happen. Can anyone recommend me a mechanical gaming KB with both per key lighting and per game profiles (either software based or onboard game pro
  7. I know it has been solved, but I wanted to add one more thought expanding on Statik’s response. I used plastidip to cover the shroud of my sound blaster Z and it worked well. I agree though, it seems to be fairly muted.
  8. Razor Viper -3 months. Gaming. Lighter. I rate the current one a 5 No. Wired, doesn’t matter. If it has more buttons, I use them. 4 I would rate mine 5. Doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t hard to grip. 5 so far. No/doesn’t matter to me.
  9. To recommend a video card, the community generally needs you current specs and your performance goals for the games you play. Information like frames per second goals and refresh rate goals as well as what settings level you aim for.
  10. Thanks for you input. No weird noises and my components are not dusty at all. I monitor my temperatures and usage of my GPU and CPU while gaming and they are in a normal range. I will try some stress tests and DDU. Thanks again!
  11. Hello, My systems specifications are in my signature below. I was playing PUBG earlier this week and in the middle of a match my PC completely powered off. It did not restart itself and I turned it back on and actually got back into my match. I have never had this happen before and it’s been a few days of intense gaming since and it hasn’t happened again. It wasn’t a power outage because I have a UPS and my lights in the basement didn’t flicker. My psu is 5 1/2 years old but is a high quality unit. Can this just happen as a one off? Any ideas as to what might have cau
  12. Hello, I am in need of a new psu and I am eyeing this unit. It has some good reviews from reputable tech sites and one mediocre review (could have been that particular unit). I also like looking at user reviews and I know this unit is pretty new but there is just one 5 ️ review on amazon.ca and one 5 ️ Rating on newegg ( I think it was newegg). I also don’t see it on the psu hierarchy on this forum. Does anyone have any experience / opinions on this psu? Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for all the input! I will definitely suggest the 3600 and we will see the price/ availability of the video cards.
  14. Thanks for putting this together. We have to get the components from one place and purchase it in store. There is a reason for that but we will leave it at that.