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  1. "No threats found". Seriously have no idea what could be the problem. It is only YouTube. and only on one computer.
  2. Slower than the others. Just sits on "connecting" and wont load the video.
  3. The same if not better. About 55 down, 10-15 up.
  4. Thanks for the help guys. un-Installed flash, problem persists. No ad block installed and seems to be happening on chrome and IE. Very strange issue
  5. There are a few computers in the house yet only one has this problem. YouTube, and ONLY YouTube has a hard time loading videos and on most occasions will just stop with "error". Twitch loads live streams fine and others videos sites don't seem to have an issue. it is just YouTube. Does anybody have any idea what is going on? Thanks!
  6. Didn't think of that. Cut a shelf to the same size/shape as the Ps4? Might work. Thanks.
  7. I was thinking about something like that. Just looking for some reassurance from anyone who had experience doing this kind of thing. Thanks for the help.
  8. I am aware, as I said it was just what I had in mind. Don't know if I would feel comfortable with Velcro to be honest.
  9. This is what I had in mind.
  10. Looking to see if anybody on here has any experience or has seen a Ps4 wall-mounted and how it is done. I know of the wall mounts you can buy but it seems way to expensive for something that can be done DIY. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. I think it is worth it yea. They recently updated the servers having something to do with eliminating lag issues. From what I have heard the game runs really well online. They also just released new maps. The community is getting smaller though.
  12. Thanks for the help, I completely forgot about this. It would probably make sense to look into one of these with windows 10 coming.
  13. The DS4 is my favorite too, I sold my PS4 unfortunately losing the controller which I used for some PC games.
  14. Looking to get a controller for some games on PC. The new generation of controllers are already so expensive I was wondering if anybody uses the Scuf controllers. If you do please let me know what you think and if they are worth it. Thanks.
  15. Aleks

    Scan Lines?

    These but quite subtle. There none the less. http://pre05.deviantart.net/83e2/th/pre/f/2013/246/1/1/scan_lines_test0013_by_defragmentetris-d6kv31c.png
  16. Started noticing scan lines on my BenQ XL2430T. My 980 STRIX is at stock clock. Any ideas?
  17. Is h.265 a new type of video codec? I am only familiar with h.264.
  18. That keyboard is beautiful.
  19. The ROG Swift is limited to Dislpay Port I believe so no, hooking up consoles and an elgato wouldn't work.
  20. Dell U2414H seems to have pretty thin bezels. The swift wouldn't work.
  21. http://gaming.coolermaster.com/en/products/keyboards/rapid-i/
  22. What are the specs you are looking for? ie. resolution, refresh rate, etc?
  23. Your budget for displays is £1500?
  24. What kind of games do you play?