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  1. i have a lighting node pro hooked up to a RGB fan controller and ports 456 on it just are flat out not working but will occasionally just work for a few hours. I am 100% sure its the controller as all the fans works perfectly on ports 123 and i have checked all 5 fans work on ports 123. has anyone else had this problem and been able to fix it or does it sound like i should just replace the controller.
  2. What’s airport would I be best flying Into if I came to this? I would be flying from Heathrow uk. I feel like it’s Vancouver but I might be wrong.
  3. Hey guys so im making a car game in unreal for college but i cant get my car to sit on the ground and cant get it to stop floating. everything else works fine the wheels spins the tire turn, i just cant get the car to move does anyone know why it may be floating? picture of rig and problem provided
  4. so basically after i updated to the newest version of windows ten no external screens would connect, any ideas why
  5. In the uk you pay a one up fee for the router which is like 40 pound so we’ve not been mugged off but I think I’m gonna drop like £100 on something with some big antennas because I live in an okay sized house and my brother get 3mbps in his room and hard wiring is really an option as my parents said no ?
  6. Hey guys so I have an okay knowledge and how Wi-fi works and internet and I know for a fact that the reasons my speeds have gone down is because I’ve put the right next to my speaker amplifier. But it’s all very OCD cable managed and can’t be bothered to change it all. I use the standard router than my provider supplied and it’s crap but if I bought a third part router with beefy antenna help with the interference? Baring in mind I only get 25mbs down and 5 up anyway ?
  7. I got loads of Arduino stuff as a present screens timer stuff like that, I want to make a smart clock (I have a touch screen and a Wi-fi module) where would I start can someone point me in the right direction (I know nothing about this stuff but I have the stuff so might give it a go)
  8. I'm going to rgb away from the equation
  9. This keyboard in the UK is the equivalent to 250 is dollars due to England being stupid
  10. I've been looking for ages and failing does anyone know of any good rgb fully customisable keyboard and mice sets that are under the 120 British pounds mark?
  11. Internet is working fine it's says unable to connect when I first open it then it says error a couple times then let's me in but will not allow me to download ny drivers
  12. Why can't my laptop ever connect to nvidia Geforce experience! Every time I open it its unable to connect and it setting annoying
  13. I went from 4k to 1080 also I forgot to set mimevraft to use my gtx 960