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  1. just go to a recycling center and buy an old server case or HP SFF case (they're a similar design) and try it out with that and keep trying until you're satisfied with those and then do your final product
  2. you're going to need to make it yourself or have someone else make it. Buy a standard 4U case and put a plexi window on it by cutting a hole and getting a plexi glass peice cut to size. or you could just leave the top of the case off.
  3. just go to a recycling center and get a thinkpad or latitude running with evrything but an os for less than $100. thats cheaper than replacing a school laptop if you somehow fuck it up. I'm 99% sure if you ask to they'll say no. Aren't school laptops only to be used for school stuff anyways?
  4. The rebel is nice, I had a zuma and would recommend it except 99% of anyone says your headlight is out but one is a low beam and one is a high.
  5. The vespas are not balanced on the old ones and slow and heavy on newer ones. They're more like apple products now than anything
  6. They are the most fun you can have. I've rode a Zuma 50 (owned for like a week) and this. This honda is way more peppy but the throttle is 100x more sensitive than the zuma. You kind of need to go 1/2 throttle and get up to 10 or 15 then wide open and go up to 35-40. If you go closed to wide open like you would with the zuma you bog out around 20. No reason not to get one. You can get something japanese (good don't get chinese) used and running well for $600 or less.you get 100 mpg and maintenance is minimal (tires is all basically if you get a 2 stroke) also they last forever like this 88 elite did (2 stroke will last longer because you never need an oil change
  7. Are we scooter friendly here too? I'm working on my 1988 Honda Elite 50cc (Rear tire tube needs new)
  8. factor in to the price a good stand what I like to do is buy cheap thinkvision monitors at the thrift store and just use the stand
  9. If you live near a microcenter you can get an open box that's normally $150 for like $47 if you're lucky
  10. Sentryy

    1080 Ti

    if he wants crypto his best is for vega and rx 580s have shot up to like $400 a piece iirc because of eth mining
  11. it doesn't sound as good as it was looking at the dell service tag it costed a solid $1000+ new in dec 2014
  12. maybe next time I will get an x220 or x230. They're durable machines?
  13. It is a lattitude so kind of like a thinkpad buisness and enterprise focus i think not very gamery but it odes have a backlit keyboard
  14. make sure you can remove the cpu becuase in a lot of cases you can't
  15. yes sir it is better than those two OEM i bought with 1 charger and 1 battery for $170 total they had like i3 2120m and 320gb hdd. It's a steal at that price.
  16. Just yesterday, visited the recycling center looking for throwaway laptops, (as if I didn't have enough already) I was looking through the thinkpads, x230s x220s, etc etc all like $70 total. My mom says to me "Are you sure you want a thinkpad?" so I go to the other systems, lots of old HP stylus things that were total junk. But then looking through the piles of junk Dell laptops I find this. A Latitude e6440, now just seeing the core i7 sticker and the $40 tag of course I needed to test it. I ask to test it because they let you do that at this place before you buy. I put ram in it and plug it in (didn't know the battery was functional) it boots to bios, good enough for me. So I buy it for $40, $5 for a power brick, $10 for 8gb of ddr3 sodimms, and $18 on a 500gb hdd. Given it's a dell from ~2014, the hard drive didn't fit. I go to another machine and swap the hard drive and the 120gb ssd from it. When I get home, it will not boot for whatever reason (ram speed or something the 1333 stick wouldn't work at all only my 1600mhz ram would work. No big deal $5 loss. Install windows 7 and use the key that was included under the battery. Working good! Best part is, it has a core i7 4600m, 4gb ram, 120g ssd, and an AMD 8690m GPU. Not the best but could have done a whole lot worse. Also has a backlit keyboard. Recap of expenses : $40 parts laptop $5 working ram $5 bad ram (loss) $40 ssd not counting hdd because it wasn't used and is used in other system now. Benchmarks in a few minutes
  17. reinstall audio drivers not for the mic but for the jack itself