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  1. just go to a recycling center and buy an old server case or HP SFF case (they're a similar design) and try it out with that and keep trying until you're satisfied with those and then do your final product
  2. you're going to need to make it yourself or have someone else make it. Buy a standard 4U case and put a plexi window on it by cutting a hole and getting a plexi glass peice cut to size. or you could just leave the top of the case off.
  3. just go to a recycling center and get a thinkpad or latitude running with evrything but an os for less than $100. thats cheaper than replacing a school laptop if you somehow fuck it up. I'm 99% sure if you ask to they'll say no. Aren't school laptops only to be used for school stuff anyways?
  4. The rebel is nice, I had a zuma and would recommend it except 99% of anyone says your headlight is out but one is a low beam and one is a high.
  5. The vespas are not balanced on the old ones and slow and heavy on newer ones. They're more like apple products now than anything
  6. They are the most fun you can have. I've rode a Zuma 50 (owned for like a week) and this. This honda is way more peppy but the throttle is 100x more sensitive than the zuma. You kind of need to go 1/2 throttle and get up to 10 or 15 then wide open and go up to 35-40. If you go closed to wide open like you would with the zuma you bog out around 20. No reason not to get one. You can get something japanese (good don't get chinese) used and running well for $600 or less.you get 100 mpg and maintenance is minimal (tires is all basically if you get a 2 stroke) also they last forever like this 88 el
  7. Are we scooter friendly here too? I'm working on my 1988 Honda Elite 50cc (Rear tire tube needs new)