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    Ryzen 7 2700x
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  1. The Rift S is great. If you've played with a first gen Vive then you're going to be blown away at how clear the screens are. Higher Resolution(no screen door) Portability Easy to set up
  2. I think you'll just have to wait, bud
  3. I have good computer now. Big brain

  4. I have a I buy power gaming mouse which is very comfortable to use. I also use a ivation back-lit membrane keyboard. And one squeaky chair with no hydraulics at the lowest settings, I have to sit on a pillow to get high enough to see my laptop screen comfortably. Finally an extended mouse mat and razer krakens (I wish I had the sennheiser hd 598's instead of razer) but all well here in my cave.
  5. I am currently running a gts 240, this is a good card for the price and can play most of the games I play on my low resolution monitor. I think that the Polaris cards are great, but if I win one of these then I will be forced to buy new parts for my build. I really want this card to help me build a new desktop because It would lower the price for the parts list.