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  1. I am currently using a logitech classic keyboard K100, a mouse that came with my mother's ASUS laptop, Samsung Galaxy S3 earpieces and my table top as my mouse pad. . This setup would be my first real gaming setup that I would have. And also the colour scheme of the Nascita Large Mouse, Aria Headset, Dimora Mousepad and Autore Keyboard would really match my Desk colour.
  2. I am using a Logitech CLASSIC KEYBOARD K100. I have had this $10 keyboard for years now. It has been faithful but it is getting old and the keys are starting to stick, I think this is a good opportunity for an upgrade.
  3. I would Love to have one of their Sagitta Spectrum mice because I have been gaming on the mouse that comes along with my mother's ASUS laptop and it is the most unsatisfying experience ever.
  4. Awesome stuff. the simple badass looking style turns me on.