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    AMD Ryzen 2700X @ 4.0
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    ASUS X470-F Strix
  • RAM
    16GB TeamGroup 3600Mhz
  • GPU
    ASUS Strix GTX 1070ti
  • Case
    Corsair 450D
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    500GB Samsung 960 EVO NVME
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    EVGA 650 G2
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    Dell S2716DG
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    Corsair H115i
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    Logitech G213
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    Logitech G502
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    Win10 Pro

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  1. Add second entry to $root array like so $root['Testing02'] = array( "name" => "Mike", "number" => null, "address" => array( "Line01" => "321 fake street", "Line02" => "Dublin", "Line03" => "2", "Country" => "Ireland" ) ); When calling json_encode, the output be { "Testing01": { "name": "Scott", "number": null, "address": { "Line01": "123 fake street", "Line02": "Dublin", "Line03": "4", "Country": "Ireland" } }, "Testing02": { "name": "Mike", "number": null, "address": { "Line01": "321 fake street", "Line02": "Dublin", "Line03": "2", "Country": "Ireland" } } }
  2. That will be why your OS wont activate. The free upgrade is only intended for the hardware you had at the time you did the free Win10 upgrade. Contact MS support and see if they will issue you a new key. Otherwise you'll have to get a new one (this forum has many discussion for getting cheap win10 keys).
  3. Running multiple monitors has no impact on (single) GPU performance. I game on one monitor and have twitch/youtube on the other and experince no performance issues.
  4. When upgrading from Win8.1 to Win10 during the free Win10 upgrade you never got a WIn10 key. What you got is a digital entitlement license for your device, just signing into your MS account should reactive your OS as long as you have not done any major hardware upgrades since the free upgrade (ie changing platform from Intel to AMD).
  5. When are in the BIOS/booted to Windows your monitor is connected to the GTX 970?
  6. Only way to do it is by disk cloning. There is no easy way of move just OS to another drive. Why is the new install on the new drive not working? Describe the problem you are having installing to the new drive.
  7. Why you asking us? How are we supposed to know your storage requirements in the future.? Just get biggest capacity drive you can afford right now.
  8. Why do you want two Win10 installed? No the installer should not affect Win10 installed on the other drive. You can just disconnect the drive while installing Win10 to the new drive and reconnect after install. You'll have to use BIOS to select which drive to boot from when turning PC on.
  9. Nope. You cant get access to the game files you downloaded from MS Store/XBox Game Pass. This is MS DRM so you as the user cannot get access to the files.
  10. So this is gonna be a Windows version of Chrome OS?
  11. You are using the Java 13 Runtime (JVM / JRE). Netbeans requires the JDK (development kit) installed too. I think the JDK needs to be same version as the JVM/JRE you are using. You only have openjdk-11 installed. Maybe try install java13 JDK and setting your JAVA_HOME environment variable to java13 jdk install path
  12. There is no upgrade path from XP to Win10 (unless you do XP > Vista > Win7 and then to Win10). You'll have to do a fresh install of Win10. Win10 can be downloaded and installed for free, no key is required. You can activate Win10 at any time after install, either through MS Store, or buying a key from authorised retailer (newegg, bestbuy, amazon etc) or using the greykey market places selling keys for fraction of the RRP (just google cheap Win10 keys or search this forum there are plenty of topics discussing this).
  13. An alternative is Barrier https://github.com/debauchee/barrier
  14. Something like the Corsair RM 650W (2019) comes with 2 EPS connectors for 8Pin + 4Pin CPU power. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/WxL48d
  15. Buy a new what? There is nothing wrong with your motherboard.