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    i7 4790 (non K)
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    16gb Corsair Vengeance
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    NZXT s340
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  1. Well I will certainly mod it or try to somehow bring my battered S4 back to life so I can do the initial setup
  2. He used a note 3 to set it up *prior* to using it with an iPhone. I don't have a samsung phone right now (well, at least a working one).
  3. >calls me stupid for being sarcastic >casually suggests tutorial from 2014
  4. 1. My laziness knows no limits. 2. The gear manager only works with gear s devices. It's a gear 2 neo.
  5. Cause I'm a badass /s (really I'm just too lazy to update.)
  6. Thanks. I'm not on the latest iOS though, so it shouldn't be a problem. I only update my phone when major updates are released
  7. I'm in. Is it more or less difficult than rooting an android phone? I've rooted my S4, Note 3 and Note 4, so I have some rooting experience but I'm kinda in the dark about jailbreaking
  8. So I had my old Neo lying around. I haven't used it in roughly a year since I sold my Note 4. Now I have an iPhone 6 and since the samsung gear app came out a few months ago, I thought I should give it a shot. It doesn't seem to recognize my watch though. So does anyone know any 3rd party app that might make this work?
  9. I don't think corsair uses any kind of surge protection. I've had a corsair keyboard which died on me in a similar way. And yes, I use a several-hundred-dollar wheel. It's a logitech g920. I don't really care about the mouse, it's like 50 quid anyways. Logitech products are really reliable, from what I've heard.
  10. 3 months
  11. So I made the mistake of buying a cheap usb 2 adapter. I think I plugged it in the wrong port because I've seen some sparks when I tried plugging my usb hub into it (Yo dawg I heard you like USBs). Anyways, at that moment I was 100% sure I messed up. I've tried my wheel, which was plugged into the usb hub, thankfully it worked. Then I tried my Corsair mouse. Nothing. Dead. When I try plugging it into one of my PC's normal usb ports, it IS recognized by the system, but it's recognized as defective. Should I try fixing it or just RMA it? Can I even RMA it? EDIT: I dunno how useful the following info is, but here goes, after unplugging it the mouse smelled like burnt, irradiated bacon.
  12. Yep. The 1200 is for the whole system. Should I just get some good parts now and watercool later? What case would you recommend?
  13. So at this point I'm kind of in between getting a proper water cooling loop or some RGB lighting+AIO for my next build. RGB+AIO would still look good imo, also easier, but I wanted to take on a more challenging project for a while. Do keep in mind that I don't have a workshop, but I can get some tools. My budget for the build is £1200. Would it be enough for a custom loop? (I will re-use my GPU and my HDDs. I'm replacing the mobo, case, cpu, ram, psu, cooler). Oh, and would you recommend hard or soft tubing? Thanks!
  14. Last time I tried painting something I got sued and got beaten up because 'you're not supposed to paint random stranger's dogs' apparently.