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  1. I'm looking for a laptop that I'm going to use over the summer while traveling. I want it to be able to play games like Civ, Cities Skylines CS:GO and perhaps GTA 5 on low settings at at least 40 fps. I also don't want something very bulky and the battery life to be around 4 hrs. I've been looking at several GTX 1050 laptops.
  2. looks good. It's a shame Ryzen 3 isn't out yet. I'd go for this build though since you can always upgrade in the future.
  3. Not bad, but I'd still take the EVGA psu over the corsair one. Much better quality, imo. I do agree with the rest of the parts though.
  4. This should work nicely. I've configured it so it'd be easy to upgrade in the future, which you might wanna do.. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/hKwrf8
  5. Yeah. That didn't help my iphone 6 a while ago when i slipped down the stairs and the thing hit a radiator screen first.
  6. Well then. The only thing that i'm worried about with the s7 edge is its screen. It's nice and all, but I've heard replacing it costs as much as getting a new phone...
  7. Well I installed cyanogenmod on my S4. It was a pretty nice straight forward OS. I've also rooted my Note 4, but didn't tweak it much afterwards. I'm guessing Custom OS's are still a thing on samsung phones?
  8. Well that can be solved by rooting can't it? I root pretty much all of my android phones anyways.
  9. Thanks guys. I'll definitely consider these 2 phones. I've also had the S7 Edge and the iPhone 7 in mind.
  10. Never called it old. Just kinda got bored of it and I want to try something new. I don't see anything wrong with that.
  11. So I am looking to upgrade from my iPhone 6 to something newer. I'll take 2nd hand suggestions as well. I mainly use my phone to watch youtube videos, browse forums and sometimes play games on the bus. I'd also like a good looking phone. Battery life isn't that much of a concern.
  12. A man needs a name. For research purposes, of course.
  13. Sorry I haven't replied until now. Short update though. My S4 was killed by, well, a drop and me messing around with the OS a bit too much. Now it's a bricked, cracked phone. Anyways, I decided not to root my iphone, instead I installed android wear on my gear 2 neo. Works perfectly fine, with the exception of not being able to install apps without using android studio on pc and getting the apps from github. Other than that, the watch works fine. The gyroscope, and even the heart and IR sensors work.
  14. Well I will certainly mod it or try to somehow bring my battered S4 back to life so I can do the initial setup
  15. He used a note 3 to set it up *prior* to using it with an iPhone. I don't have a samsung phone right now (well, at least a working one).