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  1. Alright, so i've got my boss's iPhone 7 which was locked by her kid entering the passcode wrong too many times (hes like 3, and really smart) and now it needs to be connected to itunes so i can unlock it. The problem: She's never done any icloud or local backups, ever. From an apple support standpoint there is absolutely nothing i can do to help her. What i'm asking from you guys is to recommend me a process that i can get the data off this phone in any way possible. I've already let her know that there's pretty much nothing i can do to save the pictures etc. Would really appreciate some help with this if you guys have any ideas. Thanks!
  2. My ssd recently started always being at 100% usage and i cant figure out why. It only says its writing like 10 MB a second and the max read write is 550MB/s. I disabled intelligent transfer something or other, windows search and superfetch. That periodically fixed, it for about 50 seconds my drive was back to normal. Now microsoft has screwed me again and there is another service taking up 100% of my ssd 24/7 and im starting to get pissed off.
  3. The fluctuating core clocks is not a problem, the cpu automatically adjusts its speed to handle the task depending upon the amount of work it has to do. If you install CPU Z on your phone you will see that it does the same thing.
  4. Thank you all for your replies! Will start working to find a solution as soon as the problem occurs again.
  5. I've thought of it plenty of times, just haven't done it yet.
  6. Okay, so my brother and i have custom gaming PC's and when we are both playing games everything is fine no matter what we're playing. We have probably about 20 different devices in our house all of which i had streaming youtube at the same time to prove that they were not causing the problem. This includes other tower PC's, laptops, tablets, roku, dell blade servers, phones, and basically anything else that connects to the internet. All of this is connected to a Netgear Nighthawk and a 200mb/s connection. Most of the devices are on the 2.4ghz network, some are on the 5ghz. For some reason when my sister connects her ancient piece of crap dell laptop and tries playing the game "Roblox", whatever net work she is connected to, whether it be 2.4 or 5ghz, the entire network goes up in flames. 7000+ ms latency to google, and basically every single other problem you can imagine. The computer has a link speed to the router of 54mb/s which is abysmal compared to most of the other devices which are 300mb/s and some up to 1.4gb/s. The offender is a Dell XPS M1710 and i hate this thing so much. Please help me fix this problem or im going to go insane.
  7. I was using 2.81. The heaphones work but it kills every single interaction with the microphone when installed.
  8. It says that the audio driver is realtek which isnt compatible with windows 10. I dont see anywhere that i can get the supremeFX controllers.
  9. It's a sennheiser game one headset. It has no designated drivers. I just want one so i dont have to listen to the horrible sound quality of windows 10.
  10. Realtek isnt compatible. I already tried it, and it sucks. Can someone please recommend me some good audio drivers for windows 10.
  11. Cant clean the registry. I transferred permissions to me and it still wont let me delete the entry. Back to windows 7 it is.