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  1. Hey guys, I'm really interested in Motherboards, GPUs, Memory and stuff and I'd like to learn how to repair these kind of things. Like, when you have a dead motherboard, troubleshooting dead SMD components with a Multimeter and replacing them to make the Motherboard work again. Like replacing a Nuvoton Chip on the motherboard, which is responsible for I/O. There are many YouTube Videos out there, but most of them are only for Laptops where you have schematics and stuff. Where should I start? I've got the equipment to do it already, before anyone comes up with "This is
  2. Yeah, I did look at the back of it. As I've said, I succesfully removed a socket already. I'll give it a try, because I get all these boards for free or for a small amount of money, and a new socket doesn't cost that much.
  3. I already was succesfull with removing the socket, without doing any damage to the capacitors or the motherboard itself after several tries on failed motherboards. ^^
  4. Thanks dude! I'm gonna try it, and maybe keep you updated.
  5. Nope, I'm just getting these broken boards for free by a friend. My main rig is working properly.
  6. I can understand your point, but these new sockets cost around 10-20€. So it's even worth it, for a motherboard that cost 150€ upwards in my opinion.
  7. But reballing is a complete different story. As Louis Rossmann said, that Reballing is bullshit, because the chip itself is dead in most cases.
  8. So, I recently discovered a method for rescuing motherboards, with broken pins. There's a way to remove the socket of a motherboard, and replace it with a new One. There are many tutorials on how to do this, with a heat gun, flux and a soldering iron. I'd love to hear an opinion on this topic from you guys, what I've heard by now is, that it's not worth it for cheap motherboards, but High End Motherboards are worth going through the whole process. I'm currently trying to rescue an ASRock x79 Extreme 11 Mainboard by replacing the Socket, This is my first time doing something like th