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    Intel Core i7-4790K
    [4.5 GHz]
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    ASUS Z97-A
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    16 GB Kingston Hyper-X Beast
    [1600 MHz]
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    MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G
    [Two-Way SLI]
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    CM 690 III
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    250 GB Samsung 850 EVO
    [Ubuntu 19.10]

    250 GB Samsung 850 EVO
    [Windows 10]

    1 TB WD Black
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    Corsair RM850
  1. Hey everyone! I'm fortunate enough that the taxman is currently processing a £600 tax rebate (which was a pleasant surprise to say the least) and I'm tempted to put it towards a new laptop. I don't need a great deal or horsepower, as I'm planning on building a new workstation to coincide with the release of Zen 3 towards the end of the year. The laptop would be mainly use for coding when I am away from home or the office and any heavily lifting done remotely by those machines. Despite it in no way being my primary device, I would rather spend a little extra for build-quality. I know AMD 4000-series mobile chips are right around the corner (which probably explains the discount) but Huawei currently have £120 off on the base model of the Matebook 13: - Ryzen 5 3500U - 8GB DDR4 - 256GB NVMe SSD * The build quality I am after This brings the cost down to £580 (nicely coinciding with my rebate) and includes a pair of knock-off airpods. I'm not massively worried about any privacy concerns due to it being a Huawei device and will be throwing Linux on it as soon as it arrives. My main concern is whether I'll wish I had waited for a 4000-series CPU and am just curious as to what your thoughts are. Hope you are all staying safe! Thanks
  2. Hey everyone, I'm aware this section is more dedicated to open-loop cooling, but I'm looking for some advice with regards to AIOs. Currently planning a Workstation/Gaming build based on a 3900X in the O11-Dynamic, at the moment my budget can't stretch to a full-loop so I am going with a 360 AIO/CLC for now. I'm looking for some mild RGB accents but like the idea of hardware control (as opposed to software-only) so I don't get stuck with rainbow-puke when using Linux. Equally however, I don't really want to mess around with all the extra hubs required by the likes of Corsair and NZXT. With that in mind, I've found the Thermaltake Water 3.0 and accompanying Pure 12 fans and was hoping some of you guys could comment on it, not had much luck looking for reviews. Thanks a lot, and have a great New Year!
  3. The headphones look the nuts and really comfy! =P
  4. On my most recent Windows 10 installation I have seemingly successfully completed all available Windows Updates and installed my Nvidia Drivers without encountering any BSODs, hangs or Display Driver Crashes. This means that my prime subject for the reason behind my issues were my Motherboard drivers as that just seems more likely than a program causing these problems as such I have come to a crossroads, do I install these Drivers and risk the issue reappearing and not being solved by a simple installation of the drivers or do I just ignore them? As such I have to ask. These are the Drivers in question: - Intel Management Engine Interface - Intel Chipset Software (Windows installed a version of this already) - Realtek Audio - Intel LAN - Intel Rapid Storage Technology What functionality do these drivers offer above what Windows installs natively? My audio and internet connection are working as normal for example and to the best of my knowledge, IRS is only compatible with Intel Drives but I could be mistaken there. Thanks
  5. UPDATE --------------------------- After reinstalling for a second time, not allowing it to connect to the internet (no Windows Update) and only installing the latest Nvidia Game Ready Drivers and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, the system has successfully passed two Memory Stress Tests of 1hr and 1.5hr respectively. To me this points to a software issue of some kind surely? I am hesitant to install any additional software at this stage for fear of the issue arising once more. To me, the possible causes are: - A program that has worked fine for in excess of two months and now has developed a bug (unlikely?) - A Motherboard Driver from the ASUS Website - A Windows Update. For me a Windows Update seems the most likely due to the way the problem arose so suddenly without the installation of new software. My question is now of course, how likely is it that I am correct and if I am, what can I do seeing as Windows will force updates on me as soon as I connect to the internet?
  6. Hello everyone. I have encountered a rather substantial issue with my system that arose around two weeks or so ago and can't seem to find a solution. This is the post from Tom's Hardware but I have recieved little input thus far. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/...r-crashes.html --------------------------- Hello again Tom's! It seems I always have some issue or another don't I? I guess I am just unlucky :-( This is a follow up to an earlier thread of mine that has recieved little input, likely do to a poor choice of Sub-Forum. I have since delved deeper into the issue. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answer...ared-blue.html SYSTEM --------------------------- OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Clean Install) CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K (Stock) RAM: 16GB Kingston Hyper-X Beast 2133MHz (Running At 1600MHz) MoBo: ASUS Z97-A GPU: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G (x2) PSU: Corsair RM850 Storage #1: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (OS) Storage #2: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB (Games) Storage #3: WD Black 1TB (Media) Simply put I began experiencing Micro-Freezes in Windows while conducting various tasks, the issues was very obvious while audio was playing due to the "buzz" that would occur as the audio hung. I have since reinstalled Windows and am still experiencing issues. Throughout my analysis today I have encountered various BSODs: - PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA - DRIVER_IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED I am also experiencing numerous recoverted Display Driver crashes while conducting my tests along with the continued dropping of audio as reported in my previous thread. Due to the issue seemingly mostly presenting itself during multitasking (Spotify and a Game running for instance) I have been testing the system by running an Intel Extreme Testing Utility Memory Test while also playing an MP3 file (Everything Is Awesome! in case you were wondering =P) Each time I have conducted the one hour test I have encounted a BSOD or Display Driver Crash inside of thirty minutes bar one which occured with less than ten minutes remaining. So far, in an attempt to isolate the cause I have: - Taken out each RAM Stick individually - Seated the single Stick in slot B2 rather than A23 - Removed each GPU individually - Powered each GPU with the others Power Cable - Removed my second Monitor The test I am currently conducting has involved using a new Power Cable for the single GPU I have installed (still with a single RAM stick installed) along with using a different Surge-Protected Extension Lead and mains socket. This test has been ongoing for forty minutes and has yet to encounter any of the above issues. I have been unable to isolate the PSU as the problem due to not having any others available to me. If anyone could be of assistance I would be incredibly grateful as I am coming to the end of my ideas and really need my PC up and running again. Conor UPDATES --------------------------- System passed my most recent test [new Power Cable for the single GPU I have installed (still with a single RAM stick installed) along with using a different Surge-Protected Extension Lead and mains socket] and I will now proceed to reinstall my second GPU and run the same test. System past my next test. Same procedure but with both GPUs installed (new Power Cable for each) and I am now proceeding to conduct another test with both sticks of RAM installed. Audio dropout remained during the last test (both GPUs) - no visible system errors, just the audio dropout around half an hour in, hitting the Realtek Audio Driver test kicked the speakers back into life. When they "die" the green LED indicator on the volume wheel dims. The speakers are not powered by the PC so to me that could imply a seperate fault with the speakers themselves. Running with both sticks of RAM resulted in a crash within five minutes. Reverting back to a single stick resulted in the same. It seems I may have just missed the Display Driver crashes in the previous three tests I believed to have been successes. I have subjected my RAM to an overnight HCI MemTest pass in the BIOS which resulted in 300% coverage with no errors as well as a 600% coverage within the OS, again with no errors. At this stage I am out of ideas as to what to try. I suppose RAM, PSU and Motherboard are all still possibilites but I have no spares available to test with. IN theory a software problem is still possible despite the reinstallation of Windows. I don't know how to test for this as Intel Extreme Tuning Utility does not run in Windows Safe Mode. Updating to the latest Nvidia Beta Drivers and reverting to the previous Nvidia Game Ready Drivers failed to resolve the Display Driver crashes during the tests. Both were a full Clean Installation using CCleaner, Driver Fusion and DDU. I am beginning to suspect that a recent update to Windows 10 itself may be causing this issue. I was initially under the impression I had some kind of Hardware failure on my hands but, as I scroll through the Windows 10 Sub-Forum I am seeing more and more instances of the same BSODs and a couple instances of the audio hangs. I fully updated Windows 10 (bar Hardware Drivers) when I reinstalled Windows so this could indeed be the case, I really don't want to reinstall again (my poor SSD =P) especially without being certain this is the issue nor which Windows Update is the cause should it be. --------------------------- Thanks in advance for any help you can provide Conor