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  1. I emailed synology about it, they want remote access into the router... What you think about that?
  2. Yeah ok i understand, yes i tried to change just the last digit, same error. Thanks for your time
  3. Hitting the "clone" button clones the real one right? It writes automaticly 2c:4d:54:99:f2:67. I can see 2 other different mac address here in wifi status tab:
  4. Sometimes i'm blocked from my server by my faulty noob ass i am and being able to change my public ip would make it quicker.
  5. Hi. Synology AC2600 Router how do i change the MAC address? I was doing this on a linksys router just by "cloning" it and hitting save. Now it seems there is more options on the synology admin and it says operation error when i click "ok". I'm a network noob. I just need to change the mac address so that i get a new public ip. Thanks for the help
  6. Ok thanks keep me updated, i'm not in a hurry but thanks a lot !!! Actualy i bought that game the day it came out, same performance since then.
  7. Ok thanks But i just tried, it said files are all validated and ok, if i start the game again it,s still between 24 and 28fps even at the lowest graphic settings Is there anything else you did? Maybe you run the files from a ssd instead of hd?
  8. wow ok hmmm you are literally the only person online on many forums i found that can actualy have good performance with big park and more than 4k guests. I'm begging you to help me, what you mean verify the game files? I already reinstalled 2 times it changed nothing.
  9. yeah well try mediuum and low settings, it will be almost the same fps range
  10. I guess i'll wait a few decades until quantum computers can run that game properly xd
  11. I don't understand the first part of your sentence, yes i tried with 1 gpu, same results.
  12. Planet Coaster 3k guests, not so big park, max 25fps... wtf? I'm using i7 7700k cpu, 2 x 1070 gpu, 32gb memory, temperatures are all in the safe range. I get max 25fps, i read its cpu intensive and it makes sense only 1 gpu is loaded the other one in sli is barely used 5% in windows task manager, cpu hits around 65% all the time in game. Is there a fix or something i can do? This is the only game that runs so bad i can't really play more than 2 hours because then the park have enough guests to make it down to 25fps. Its the same fps at low or ultra settings. Thanks
  13. I might be able to do this but i really dont want to mess around with that, free time is hard to find most days