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    Psychopathic Gamer Tech
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    Gaming, Computer building, Computer fixing.
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    Intel i7 5930k @ 4.4 Ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI Gaming 9 ACK
  • RAM
    32 Gb DDR 2400 mhz Ram
  • GPU
    980 ti MSI Gaming 6G
  • Case
    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
  • Storage
    500 GB Samsung 850 Evo+ 1 Tb HDD+ 480 GB NVME+ 1.5 TB Corsair Sata
  • PSU
    850 G2 Supernova Platinum
  • Display(s)
    Acer XB270HU 144hz 2560x1440p
  • Cooling
    Deep Cool Captain 360
  • Keyboard
    K65 Corsair Cherry MX Red
  • Mouse
    Logitec g502
  • Sound
    Astro Gaming a40 TR
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro
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  1. Shimejii

    Old Hdd better than new one?!

    Honestly you should be getting a SSD for recording with shadowplay, it really doesnt like HDD recording from personal experience. I recorded 1080p 60fps, 1440p 60 fps, and tinkered with the Bitrate (Never go above 50, you will end up with corrupted footage part of the time). Ive tried HDD with mostly success, some issues. Ive recorded to SATA SSD's with practically no issues besides shadowplay bugs, and ive recorded to NVME drives with Slight audio desync issues. Overall it wont matter THAT much between the drives.
  2. Shimejii

    Best linux distro..?

    9/10 i would just set up a VM, instead of dualbooting. It honestly doesnt take THAT much resources to do one VM. But if you want to dual boot, MAKE SURE YOU PARTITION IN WINDOWS! Look up how to do it properly, otherwise you will mess up your current OS. We had a few guys in my college class brick their HDD's because of that.
  3. Shimejii

    Best linux distro..?

    It honestly depends on what you want to do? Are you just doing programming that you cannot do in windows or in a Virtual Machine instead of Dual booting? How old are you, are you doing this for HS classes or College classes? Top three would be Ubunutu, then fedora, but theres SO many different distros
  4. Should be honest and say Streaming is not all its lived up to be. Your going to have to be streaming 50+ hours a week just to get started, for over 2-3 years for even a few hundred followers, maybe a thousand. Its very saturated so you may just want to game and not stream. 8700k Is good but 2700x would be better for overall streaming without messing with TONS of settings. Also note you cannot stream to twitch at 1080p 60fps, only youtube gaming allows that and even then it will still take a fair bit of cpu and tinkering with settings to get it to be optimal.
  5. What makes you say the SX 8200 are bad SSD's? I have one and it does just fine.
  6. You really shouldnt be streaming on that laptop. Its not meant for streaming, and is going to struggle regardless. You can adjust a ton and still end up with bleh results
  7. Thats pretty much the closest your going to get for a official benchmark.
  8. IMO you dont https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Unreal-Engine-4-16-CPU-Comparison-Skylake-X-Kaby-Lake-X-Broadwell-E-Skylake-Ryzen-7-984/ Clearly shows your not going to get very much for going 6950x. I wouldnt suggest getting it but alas your choice
  9. Just curious why do you think you need a 6950x?
  10. Shimejii

    $95 RX 560, relevant in 2018 still?

    560 or 580? They are both not bad, different price points and such. Its not good for VR tbh, you need a really decent card to properly run VR. CSGO and other games like it should be more then fine
  11. Shimejii


    Speedfan, just read the directions Very carefully
  12. Shimejii

    Should i get a 144Hz monitor???

    Its never a waste TBH. They are always great, and you can always use them on your next system thats better~
  13. Shimejii

    Graphic Card acting weird

    have you restarted the computer itself to see if this fixes the issue? Temps seem fine, not sure why its fluctating 20 mhz, are you having anything else run in your background?
  14. Shimejii

    8700K Insane temp fluctuations

    Is that showing 1.376V for the CPU core or 1.026? Havent seen this bios. If its 1.37v then that is why your CPU is running so damn hot, without being delidded thats going to make any AIO 280mm work super hard. Other things to check are your thermal paste application and make sure you are getting proper contact, and adjust fan speeds