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  1. 1.8tb written on 850pro

    2 TB really is not much. i Have one 850 Evo 250 at 53 TB Written, a 850 500 GB model at 27 TB written, and another 500 Gb model at around the same. You will not notice anything bad until 300, and even then its just a slight slowdown. Tests have shown these can get into the Petabytes before failure.
  2. NZXT S340 Elite Or H500

    Depends on the reviewer and what variables they have in place for testing, the hardware used etc. That case Looks mediocre in terms of airflow, my brother has a similar case and there just simply is not enough space for decent front intake generally, but you have some mesh on the sides that may slightly help but not all the way
  3. I dont have tits, but if i did, then MY TITS ARE VERY CALM! Like they are pretty chill in a nice air conditioned room.
  4. Just because you have subscribers doesnt mean jack shit. Its a MEANINGLESS number for making any money in general. Look at his viewership, he gets less then 5% viewership, and thats not counting whos subbed and whos not. 2.9m Is not that big anymore, its not even close to the biggest video game channel on youtube, not even in the top 200. Can he still easily make a living, sure. But dont be saying blank statements without having the numbers. Id love to have over 1000 Subs on my YT, let alone 100k to 1m+ That would be great, But on the other hand do you know how awful they must feel when their videos cant even get more then 5% of their total subscriber base to watch it? Captain sparkles has over 10M subscribers, yet he also gets 4-5% of viewership, he was down to .5-1% for a few months and made a video about it. You have to look at audience retention, daily viewership, Watch time, How the audiences likes or dislikes a video.
  5. gtx 1060

    get a 1060 6gb or a RX 580/480 used. No point in buying a pregimped gpu. Its like buying a half eaten cookie, nobody wants a half eaten cookie. :L(
  6. Dont just make a vid, learn what the numbers mean. Look at how gamers nexus and Hardware unboxed do their benchmarks in their guides. Its very detailed because there are quite a lot of variables.
  7. NZXT S340 Elite Or H500

    Any case with small grills on the side and a solid plastic front panel is a shitty design imo. Dont care if its glass, plastic, anything with a solid front and tiny vent holes should not be used for any serious builds as airflow is Garbage and your parts will be hotter. I personally use the Phanteks Enthoo pro from a few years ago, and its a great case, just a bit hefty for some. I personally cannot reccomend any case without proper front ventilation, even the Phanteks TG Case was awful because of that solid front.
  8. I would say his channel is mostly dead and isnt nearly as popular, plus its a games and review focused channel. Although im not sure what exactly they specifically do with this, as they are ass backwards when it comes to punishment. Just look at people who are on the platform who abuse loopholes that never get punished vs those who follow rules and get fucked time after time.
  9. Watercooling Threadripper 1920X

    enermax Liqtech TR AIO https://www.amazon.com/Enermax-Exclusive-Threadripper-Technology-ELC-LTTR360-TBP/dp/B074ZLQZG2?th=1 is expensive, you could also get one of the Bigger air coolers that support TR4.
  10. First time liquid cooling help.

    If you just want the easiest thing just get a high quality AIO and be done with it. I dont ever recommend custom Liquid cooling due to the fact that you have to do maintenance every 6 months for optimal performance. Soft tubing is MUCH easier to work worth then hardline. Hardline is going to take TONS of practice just to get it to look the way you want it too. Otherwise i prefer soft tubing because its easier to work with and clean Diameter matters for fittings and such, not so much performance. I really wouldnt recommend you do it with the hardware you have, its not really needed.
  11. What is this Worth?

    CPU = 150-180 Mobo =50-100 Ram = 80-120 980TI = 250-325 PSU = 60-80 SSD =60 HDD = 30 total = 680- 950 if you are parting out vs what you can get from what ive seen of these parts. Why buy such an expensive system just to put a low end cooler on it. makes 0 sense.
  12. 580's crossfired or Vega 56

    I know Steve has mentioned the Stuttering and other issues with SLI, although im surprised that they never mentioned it in either article. Unless they purely didnt show in benchmarking. I use the X99 5930k @4.4 ghz when i did my testing with it, so would be similar enough. Although who the fuck plays at 1920x1200?
  13. 580's crossfired or Vega 56

    Ive personally used 980TI in SLI for a short period (I had one already, built my brother his computer and was simply testing a few things) and sure the numbers LOOK great, but the Input issues, Stuttering, frame drop issues, among the MANY more optimizations, game devs being shit and lazy, its simply NEVER has been worth it nor will it be worth it for gaming. Workstation use and other uses are different, i do not count them since this user stated gaming was the intended use. Running 1080ti in SLI is just dumb, wasteful, and not wo rth the added hassle. Even with 4k 144 hz monitors, the stuttering and other SLI issues would make it not worth it from what ive seen. I would love to see where your Nvidia Numbers are coming from with the Scaling as most ive seen for 90% of the games was UP 70-75% with realistic resolutions and settings in VERY limited games, and in general it was 30-45% SLI Will Never be worth the added cost IMO for any resolution no matter the card with what ive seen from it.
  14. Ryzen 3 2200g or i3 ?

    Its still a pain in the ass to get any decent results, and is just wasted money at that point imo. The chances that streaming would pay for the machine is little to none at this point, although you can certainly try ;P