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    Gaming, Computer building, Computer fixing.
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    Intel i7 5930k @ 4.4 Ghz
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    MSI Gaming 9 ACK
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    32 Gb DDR 2400 mhz Ram
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    1080 ti MSI DUKE 11G
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    500 GB Samsung 850 Evo+ 1 Tb HDD+ 480 GB NVME+ 750 GB Corsair SATA + 500 GB 970 EVO
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    850 G2 Supernova Platinum
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    Acer XB270HU 144hz 2560x1440p
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    Deep Cool Captain 360
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    K65 Corsair Cherry MX Red
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    Zowie s2 Divina Blue
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    Astro Gaming a40 TR
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    Windows 10 pro
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  1. Your psu isnt the issue. Most computers are around 300-400 watts at most, 2060 and your CPU do not use that much power Userbenchmark is Straight Garbage and should NEVER be used to compare hardware. Use actual legitimate benchmark software that have Legit integrity and no a trashy one that has almost no value. Heaven benchmark, 3d Mark and more then compare
  2. When transfering Raids between it can be VERY finicky and picky, especially a lot of the time if its a software raid rather then a hardware one.
  3. Userbenchmark is trash and should NEVER be used as a benchmark. Do 3dmark or Heaven Benchmark.Generally it would be a simple booster, you shouldnt be expecting THAT much of a increase.
  4. Double check all cables and connectors to make sure none of the cables are damaged, otherwise you could try taking it into a computerstore to see if they can test it
  5. Did you watch the vids? Pretty sure he covered what to do if there was something to be done
  6. GTA V has issues with CPUS without Hyperthreading. Its been known about for years
  7. Id honestly say 2070 to 2080 is not worth the money. Id wait a few Generations unless something breaks. Or get a used GPU in a few years when the next gen is here
  8. 2080ti is a waste of money and nobody should really buy it. If you actually play games that need that much power, 2080super should be the only card you consider.
  9. i use the a40 TR and it works pretty damn well have no complains but just depends on the price, i got mine for around 130$ with mixamp.
  10. Speed is only useful to where its needed. Something Like this 2 TB SSD Could be useful. Or you could do this NVME SSD thats 1 TB for much cheaper as a Boot drive, then the other SSD as normal storage And still get pretty much the same performance. Now do note if you do Video editing large file etc you are better off with the EVO BUT even then thats a business side of things more then hobby
  11. Gpus have a 0 fan spin mode until 60 Celsius by default now adays. If you install MSI Afterburner you can manually control fan speeds 60 cels is 140 Degrees so its gonna be warm to the touch.
  12. Well then thats just too bad. Based off the Specs sheet of both the motherboard and CPU, it should work just fine, unless theres a dead Ram chip, Ram slot bad memory controller etc it should work just fine. Cannot Guaranteee anything, not how life works bud
  13. High end Laptops Tend to be real shitty when it comes to gaming loads and high work loads. It may be just the laptop is poorly designed thermally and honestly thats generally what happens. Anything below 90c Is generally acceptable for laptop thermals with high end CPU's, and the beefier the cooling setup the heavier the laptops will get so its a battle between Weight savings, design, and thermals. Based on some quick looking on the laptop it doesnt look like a super thin laptop, and im not sure what is wrong with the laptop. It very well could be a Bad thermal contact with the heatsink/ bad thermal pasting. Or Fan speeds may not be ramping up high enough to counter it etc. Could just be bunch of idiots who dont know what they are doing but are being paid minimum wage to look at a computer and say yeh its fine and not do anything about it. Also BBB is a useless org and you shouldnt waste your time with them, they are completely powerless and do absolutely nothing, stop wasting your time with them
  14. Its possible to do it right away, usually taking it apart and drying everything out. Generally when you leave it sitting inside with water it will degrade a lot more then if you dried it out. Its possible to recover the files and everything unless it was just dunked and sat there in water for prolonged periods of time, but its not gonna be cheap.
  15. Why are you attempting to use 128GB of ram with an i5? That sounds like a horrible investment and a very stupid idea lol. Otherwise no it should work right out of the box, although the i5 is limited to the 2666 speeds.