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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    MSI B350m Pro-VD
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    8gb 2400mhz ddr4
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    Asus Gtx 750ti Oc
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    Sandisk V300 128gb Segate 1tb
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    Seasonic M12II 620w Semi modular
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    Logitech mx anywhere 2s
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    Windows 10 x64

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  1. Recently dipped my toes in the world of webcomics. Randomly happened upon the webcomic Lackadaisy and fell in love with it and the format. I downloaded an app for webcomics and immediately noped from the sheer amount of stuff. This might be too broad of a question, but what are your suggestions for other webcomics?
  2. Is there an app on android that can send Google assistant commands with a button on the touchsceen. also is it also possible to send home assistant commands from a button hooked up to a Raspberry pi or arduino? The ecosystem of smart lights in my living room I'm using has no physical light switch, while voice command is convenient, I'm still really used to turning in off/on using a wall switch. Also their's this annoying thing when you turn it off using google assistant, you have to flick off then back on the next time I'm using the normal light switch.
  3. Lol this might just be a more convoluted solution to my convoluted problem. I am so doing this.
  4. most phone chargers I can have on me are 5v 1a, while the battery is rated at 3.65v 1a is that safe enough margin to be operational? I'll keep trying to look for closer ones
  5. Ok... this is bit convoluted now that I repeat it in my head, but hear me out... I borrowed a friend's ps4 controller that we know won't charge or anything related to plugging into the micro usb connector. I opened it out and the charge board and adjacent ribbon cable is corroded to all hell; the ribbon cable especially as the one of the contacts has lost continuity. I am going to order the replacement chip and cable but due to the pandemic situation shipping will take two weeks. The controller, before charging function cease, seemed to be fully working as my friend recalled, so I'm a bit confident that only the charging board is broken... I see that the battery uses a standard connector and somewhat standard charging voltages (3.65v, 1A), barring finding a bench power supply then jerryrigging the connectors - have any ideas how to charge the battery without using the charging board while waiting for its replacement? Desperate times call for desperate measures, I say....
  6. Hello LTT forum I have a bit of a mountainous task ahead of me. I'm asking if there's a way to make if more efficient/organize. Because of the pandemic right now we been scrambling to create an online store for the school and office supply store my family owns. I been tasked to picture the items we have to put on the website we're making. I've been given an excel file of our inventory it contains around 8,000 items (I'm just picturing around thousand or two thousand items), is there a program where it can take an item's name from the excel sheet, then create a folder/file system where I could just drop the pictures I taken? or any alternative way that a program could pair an item name from the excel file to picture/s? Thanks for any points to the right direction
  7. Ram, for the longest while I been saving for a decent amount of memory, but conspiracy-ly every time something comes up when I need to spend that save money for something. Honestly my priority to buy ram is dis-proportionately low compared to how much I need it in my work (Autocad and Revit eats up ram quick). Now the urgency of the imminent price spike convinced me to finally bite the bullet.
  8. I'm trying to do some quality-of-life improvements to my couch gaming setup. One of them was placing a usb hub in the desk next to the couch. I bought a cheap usb 2.0 hub and a 3 meter usb extension cable. It's a really big help to my setup. Now I'm asking if I can take it further: Can I buy a usb sound adapter/card plug it in the hub? What problems with doing this can I expect? Any recommendations for cheap ones?
  9. Oh nice. My power supply has all black wiring but I google the pinouts later. Thanks!
  10. I recently done my first build in with a tempered glass side panel, It accidentally turned into a black with white highlights color scheme (barring my ssd, I'm 3d printing a cover to remedy that later). Why not spice up and reinforce the theme with white leds? I have some white leds strips used for store signage "borrowed" from my parents. It runs of 12v power. My power supply is the seasonic m12II, how would I go on powering this?
  11. The ram and cpu would be the limiting factor in my experience, ram especially when it comes to large projects with links and dependencies to other drawings. Not entirely sure about 3d in autocad though, I seldom use autocad specifically for 3d.
  12. I'm a bit sketched out by that as well, also the listing says that the cpu and ram is already installed in the board... Is this a common practice for bundles? though the people that bought it seem to say it works. I've asked the seller and so far they haven't answered back. I've tried overclocking ram in ryzen before. 2400 to something like 2600mhz pretty easily, I'm assuming 2400 to around 3000 will be harder?
  13. I been referring to the psu tier list for my choice I'm REALLY confused about the masterwatt line. There is the lite, elite, maker, and from what I can gather there is just "masterwatt".
  14. I'm trying upgrade my aging i3 3220 build from a more than half a decade ago. I'm from the Philippines and my budget is around PHP 20,000 ~ USD 385 I've abandoned using my Pc for my laptop years ago, but even my laptop feels a bit sluggish under a heavy mix of engineering programs/gaming recently. Particularly running Autodesk Autocad/Revit/Fusion 360/Blender & TW3/CivV/Cities:Skyline respectively. Not much of a graphics enthusiast, just want to have smooth gameplay. Also do light video editing with Davinci Resolve if that factors in to anything Peripheral wise I used to run two 1366x768 monitors for my pc but since relegated the second monitor for my laptop. Moving forward I recently bought a 2 screen monitor arm and consolidate my two monitors to my pc again. Basic keyboard / mx anywhere 2s / win 10 Carry overs from my old pc are my: GPU - Asus 750ti / HDD - Segate 1tb / SSD - Kingston 128gb / Case - generic basic case (thinking of replacing it if possible) Parts List: CPU/RAM/MoBo: Ryzen 5 2600 / 8gb ddr4 2400 / Msi B350M PRO-VD PLUS (Bundle) Php 15,300 link (lazada.ph) This was a pretty neat find for me, cpu motherboard bundles of the 2600 usually cost at least a thousand more than that and doesn't include ram. I bought ram from this seller a month ago and they seem legit. PSU: Seasonic S12II 620 Bronze (SS-620GB) 620W Php 3,448 link (lazada.ph) Of all the component categories aside graphics card, power supplies seemed to be the most marked up and limited in terms of options in my area. An alternative I did find is the Corsair cx550m for php 4,250. Case: Honestly, I'm completely paralyzed by the amount of choices in this category. Can you suggest cases around php 2000 ~ usd 40 y'all like, doesn't have to be from a local marketplace I just want to see what is possible under this price point. Not big on rgb tho. My gpu will most probably bottleneck the system... I just want to have six cores for that sweet quick blender render. (and mid tier gpus and higher cost like a fortune here). Never OC'ed before but might explore it a bit to eek out that extra performance.