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    ryzen 3 1300x
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    idk some b350 thing Matx
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    8gb ddr4
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    1tb hdd
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    ProACs/akg y50
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  1. What kind of sound,repeated clicking, grinding, etc?
  2. https://www.investopedia.com/tech/what-happens-bitcoin-after-21-million-mined/
  3. dont worry too much about static just tap your plugged in but powered off power supply chasis.
  4. which cpu is it? for games single threaded performance is far more important than multi-core.
  5. you should send it back, it might be fine but if you cant test it then get your money back while you can.
  6. they are MUCH faster, so v.good for loading times.
  7. try flip whatever the current hardware acceleration setting is that can cause weirdness in some systems
  8. To a regular PC builder: nothing To someone whos looking for this specific oem thing: $30
  9. yeah 80C isnt great but isnt terrible you dont wanna run it at that 24/7 but for an ordinary gaming session its fine. it you wanna lower it turn on Vsync or lower your gpu clocks a bit
  10. its a setting in "sounds" in the tab called communication
  11. take out the hard drive and get stuff off it
  12. is there a fan or pump connected to the cpu fan header?