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    Asus Sabertooth X99
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    64G Corsair Domnitor Platinum
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    EVGA 980Ti Hybrid
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    NZXT H440
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    Intel 750
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    Corsair AX860i
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    Dell 2312HM
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    H110i GTX
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    Topre Realforce
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    Logitech G700s/G502s
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    Audinst HUD-MX1
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    Windows 10

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  1. Just got the Predator XB3P. At 4K resolution i have the option for YCbCr444 10bpc with limited dynamic range and RGB with full dynamic range. Which one should I use?
  2. DeathPheonix

    New monitor suggestions, 4K + high refresh rate?

    My target is only 100ish
  3. I'm looking to replace my P2715Q due to relocation. I want to experience an high refresh rate monitor but i'm afraid if that dropping down to 1440P would not be as sharp and seem pixelated. Are there any 4k monitors with >60Hz refresh rate? Any other monitor suggestions would also be welcome, I'm also looking into LG's 5k2k display for an ultrawide option.
  4. I’d be looking into a tower as I think this would be in my living room for now. Hyper-v does sound nice . For the router I could get a Asus router with Merlin firmware but I’d rather not.. the router is just for a simple use as I have my primary router hooked after it, can’t run dual WAN or vpn client on my main router
  5. I'm planning to build an centralized home network setup doubling as a NAS, a router probably using LEDE or pfsense, local DNS using pi-hole, and a HTPC. Would like suggestions on what to use as a hypervisor, currently thinking about using esxi. As for NAS some sort of redundancy would be nice to have, planning to go with freenas at the moment, would unraid be better? And I'm also trying to find a chassis to go with this setup, probably have at least four 3.5 inch drives for storage and backup going with an ATX mobo. Currently looking at Silverstone GD09, would like a nice case even if that means I have to switch to noctua or ML fans. I would like to have 4K HDR playback with the HTPC component of this build. The current specs I'm thinking about is an 8th or 9th gen i5, an 1050 for HTPC video playback, 8gig of ram, will go up to 16 if needed. Some 600watt gold power supply. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. DeathPheonix

    Hardware suggestions for home network server/router

    I don't even care about QoS as my intended router usage is PPOE and running as a vpn client so all my data would be going over an VPN as one client. QoS could be handled by my router that's behind this build
  7. I want to build an server/router for my home network. Preferably in the same box. Would want the server to act as an router using some Linux distro, a NAS and an HTPC for 4K HDR video playback. I'm thinking that using unraid and two vm should do the work? One for the router and one for the HTPC. Would an 8th gen i3 be sufficient enough for this kind of task?
  8. DeathPheonix

    ASUS mobo wifi upgrade

    I took it apart and it’s a standard m.2 connector. OS won’t detect it in device manager
  9. DeathPheonix

    ASUS mobo wifi upgrade

    I’m trying to replace the WiFi module on Asus WiFi go module
  10. DeathPheonix

    ASUS mobo wifi upgrade

    Ah haven’t change my signature for a while. X299 prime deluxe
  11. Have anyone tried to upgrade the wifi on mobo motherboards? Seems it's just an M.2 connection if I'm not wrong. However the system is not picking up my new m.2 wifi card.
  12. DeathPheonix

    XSBC D5 Tank Res V3 Mounting

    I was actually thinking the top front fan as my front rad connections are at the bottom
  13. Have anyone used this res before? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAF168CZ2253&Description=XSPC tank &cm_re=XSPC_tank-_-9SIAF168CZ2253-_-Product I want to mount it to my fans if possible. Got a really tight restraint in my case right now and would like to move my current pump/res combo into the case.
  14. DeathPheonix

    Wireless workstation project idea

    Some 5Ghz transfer device not using 802.11 protocols can cut down the delay a lot.
  15. DeathPheonix

    Water damaged case?

    Some organic flux like the one I use with lead free solder are only water soluble. So I wash my boards after soldering and use some pressurized air to help it dry for a minute or two. Then i let it dry for a few minutes before testing the circuit. But I think the one you are seeing is just bad QA or you have really hard rain water which leaves residue when it dries. You can try to clean it with some rubbing alcohol.