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  1. I've setup a Xen Server...... with networking issues The mobo is a Tyan S7012, which has 4 onboard Intel Gigabit NICs. I previously had Windows Server 2008r2 and then Server 2012r2 installed, and both detected all 4 NICs and saw that they were all full gigabit. Well recently, I wanted to more heavily experiment with virtualization, so I loaded Xen on the old beauty and when consoled into the hypervisor, it shows all 4 Intel Gigabit NICs. I set up a Windows Server 2008r2 VM and attached 2 physical ports to the VM, but it detects them as 100MB Realtek NICs. I thought that was strange, so I loaded Windows 10 Pro ver.1809, because I thought that it may be some OS issue, since 08r2 is so old, and Win 10 Pro detected the NICs as 100mb Realtek as well. Obviously this isn't ideal, but I'm not familiar enough with virtualization to know how to really dive into the guts and troubleshoot. Any suggestion, my nerds???
  2. I have a server running Windows Server 2008r2, I got a free copy from my brother-in-law, and it is not detected on my network. My network consists of my desktop, laptop, and server. I can access shares on my server by opening "Run" and typing "\\ServerName". I did some reading up on how to enable Network Discovery in Windows Server 08 (which is automatically disabled) and followed the steps of going into Windows Services and enabling UPnP, SSDP, and DNS client. I'm trying to enable network discovery mainly because I'm going to use Renderpal V2 to render animations from my pc to the server over the network. Thank you for any help, mah nerds
  3. I have a WEIRD one here. I am trying to set up a small renderfarm in my room and I can access shares that I've set up on my server, but I can't ping the thing. The only way that I can access the server is to open Run and then type \\SERVERNAME, then I can upload to shares and download from them and do whatever else, but Windows simply can't find it any other way. I've turned on network discovery on all of the computers in the setup and I've even played with Windows Firewall to try to ensure that it isn't blocking packets that are required for Network Discovery. I believe the problem is on my server, because all of the other computers on my LAN can access one another without any problems. If you know how to delve into Windows Server 2008r2, then please dump some knowledge on me here so I can get this done. The Setup: Rendering Server (Windows Server 2008r2), Laptop (Windows 10), Desktop Workstation (Windows 10) Thank you for any help mes frères!
  4. I just bought a Tyan s7012 motherboard on eBay for 50 bucks and I threw in a couple of Xeons and 24gb of ram (12gb per processor). I was too cheap to buy a case for it and now I can't figure out how to power on the board. It's stupid because I know that this is a REALLY simple task and I have an OS and a couple of 10gb NICs and blah...blah....blah.... but I can't figure it out. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you broooooooos
  5. Bought the Noctua NH-D14 on Amazon for $70. Really wanted to try watercooling, but I saw that the Noctua beat the H60 and the next step up would've been the H110i, and that is just a little too far out of my budget. I should be getting the fan in today, so wish me luck with install. Thanks for the help. Hopefully it will drop my temps to around ~65C at full cpu utilization... Hopefully
  6. Started messing around with Blender, and I saw that I was utilizing 100% of my i7-4790k and temps were hitting 100C` per core. I really need to drop those temps, because it is a little troublesome to see my mouse have a hard time moving around.;p Anyway, I was curious if someone had some advice on brand and whether to water cool or air cool. Thanks for any replies. Send my way, mon frères.
  7. I am a student at the moment, so I am on a fairly tight budget. I want to use this computer for various different types of applications, such as messing around with virtualization and file sharing over a LAN and domain creation and other "needs" as they arise. I could definitely see the plus to gaining 4 extra cores with the dual x5650 setup, especially in creating VMs, but they cost about 5 to 10x as much on ebay. I got myself a little giddy at the thought of spending $5 on a working Xeon e5000 series chip, so spending $50 per chip for the x5620 seems nearly absurd now. Of course, if my needs outgrow the e5620's, then I can pony up and buy the x5620's when the time comes, and I will have lost only $10. And for the primary OS, I plan on using Fedora. That idea may bomb, though, because LInux can be a B when it comes to software compatibility and usability. I probably will buy a case with a PSU, like the t7500, so thanks for telling me about it.
  8. Hello anyone who is reading. I am looking to go the cheap route, and buy old server gear for a newish type server/pc/unknown build for myself. I was looking to use Micron 4gb RAM DIMMS for memory, a Tyan S7012 Motherboard as a motherboard, dual Xeon E5620 processors as the system's processors, a 120gb Intel 535 SSD as a boot drive, 2 256gb Samsung SSDs, and a few 2tb Hitachi 7k3000 HDDs in RAID 5. I saw that you can buy rackmount cases that have built in PSUs for dual socket motherboards, but I would prefer not to do that, because the majority of the affordable ones are 1u, and I do not look forward to working in such a tight space. Plus, using a 1u case removes the chance of installing a gpu and a RAID card or 10gb Ethernet NIC or some other expansion card. I have never worked with a dual socket motherboard before, so I am a little nervous about getting a PSU that has all of the necessary connections. Thank you for any help.
  9. Virtual Shot. That is AWESOME, how the person can interact with the edge+ like that.