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Posts posted by Skur3byk

  1. 1 minute ago, Luke D said:

    that would do, you should stay away from non-known brands. they aren't reliable and have bad RMA services

    I mean, that psu manufactuer is widely used and known in Poland ( that's where i live) so rma shouldn't be a problem.

    And the rx 480 8 gb is over 250$ budget in my country its more like 300$

  2. 10 minutes ago, Megah3rtz said:

    I would pick the RX470 because most models only require 1 8pin connector, instead of 2 on the RX480. It might be hard to find apower supply with 3 8pin connectors if you have a total budget of 250$. 


    The GTX 1050 TI doesnt require any external power connectors, but it gets beaten very badly by everything else listed. 


    You shoudn't worry about bottlenecks if you have an i7. 

    I mean 250$ for card only, i will get 500w power supply so no worries there i guess...

    15 minutes ago, Kevinhkn said:

    People usual tell nvidia have better compatibility. Not sure if u can use internal display with amd, think u can with nvidia

    I have heard that Nvidia has its optimus technology or something like that...

  3. So, i ordered an EXP GDC v8.0 and i want to connect it via msata.

    I have lenovo y580 running i7-3610qm, GTX 660m, and 8gb ram.

    My Questions are: 

    What would be less bottleneck?

    What card? (NVIDIA 1050 Ti , 1060 3gb or AMD rx470, rx480 4gb / else ) ( +/- 250$ budget)

    Would i be able to use internal and external display at the same time? (browsing on internal and gaming on external)

    Which card is more futureproof? (some time i will put it in a normal pc)



    When stuff arrives i could show my results, benchmarks etc.

    Thanks for help.

  4. Congratulations on reaching 3.000.000 subscribers! 7M to go!


    Razer blade. kaby lake ftw!
    4k screen would be really great to crush all the benchmarks with razer core and 1080 inside it, same with video rendering... and 1TB of ssd... madness...

    Good luck everyone!

  5. I am using built-in keyboard in my lenovo y580, i have a mushy area on it, so i have to press these keys so hard that the frame bends.
    2nd issue with it is heat, my hand is frying when im doing anything other than surfing on web. Whlie playing GTAV i can heat up my meal by placing it on keyboard...

    And i always wanted to try mechanical keyboard for a longer than 2 days. (My main computer was always Laptop...)

  6. I know that there was post about this before, but there was no answer :C
    So the thing is i have trouble with icons sticking to the left side of screen, after refreshing, booting up my pc, and stuff.
    I'm running windows 10 64bit, i was searching for solutions and the only thing i found was to change some things in the registry, it worked, untli reboot...

    So i found out that it may be the Zero.access infection or something like that and i don't know how to cure it :C

    I scanned my pc several times with eset endpoint and malwarebytes and nothing bad appeared.


    (If someone needs a screenshots or something to look at it there is the same problem as mine  ---->Link<----)


    Any help will be much appreciated :)


    (sorry for my poor english, i'm still learning :P)