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  1. Im running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Ryzen 7 3700X MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus 2x16GB Hyperx Predator 3733 MHz GIGABYTE 2070 Super Windforce OC 3X 8G SSD Kingston A2000 1 TB + 2 TB HDD + 1 TB HDD SilentiumPC Supremo FM2 Gold 750W (SPC169) *context* 2 weeks back my Graphics card started artefacting while playing BO:CW, it was only game that had problems, i thought okay, activision bad. Few days earlier my pc black screened (no image output. pc froze), This friday while shuting down my pc went 3 beeps and VGA Light came on on EZ Debug, the pc wouldn't
  2. oh ok, ill give it a try. Thanks for the efford
  3. 3 x 4-pin Molex And i don't know if i can trust this manufactuer, but fits pretty nice in budget. edit Sorry my bad now i can see 2 x 6/8-pin PEG
  4. As i can see this card: https://us.msi.com/Graphics-card/Radeon-RX-480-GAMING-X-4G.html#hero-overview Has only 1 8pin connector and egpu needs only 4 pin : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/EXP-GDC-Laptop-External-Independent-Video-Card-Dock-with-PCI-E-Interface-Black/32456172794.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.yos1R5
  5. shipping would cost me 150 zł (35$) so yeah...
  6. its more like 270-80 for me, if i get extra cash i might buy that.
  7. That would wrap-up this thread. Thanks everyone, you all are The Best community.
  8. @Rangaman42 So, https://us.msi.com/Graphics-card/Radeon-RX-480-GAMING-X-4G.html#hero-overview That should be good? right?
  9. http://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=100-B1-0450-K1 that one should do it?
  10. I mean, that psu manufactuer is widely used and known in Poland ( that's where i live) so rma shouldn't be a problem. And the rx 480 8 gb is over 250$ budget in my country its more like 300$
  11. why? I also saw this one: http://www.corsair.com/en/vs-seriestm-vs450-450-watt-power-supply
  12. I'm aiming at this psu: https://www.silentiumpc.com/en/vero-l1-500w-80plus-standard/ I really need two screens to be functional (1 internal, 1 external)
  13. I mean 250$ for card only, i will get 500w power supply so no worries there i guess... I have heard that Nvidia has its optimus technology or something like that...
  14. So, i ordered an EXP GDC v8.0 and i want to connect it via msata. I have lenovo y580 running i7-3610qm, GTX 660m, and 8gb ram. My Questions are: What would be less bottleneck? What card? (NVIDIA 1050 Ti , 1060 3gb or AMD rx470, rx480 4gb / else ) ( +/- 250$ budget) Would i be able to use internal and external display at the same time? (browsing on internal and gaming on external) Which card is more futureproof? (some time i will put it in a normal pc) When stuff arrives i could show my results, benchmarks etc. Thanks for help.