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About Bl00dgod

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    professional tiberium collector

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  • CPU
    i7 4790k @4.6Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z97-AR
  • RAM
    16GB DDR3 Crucial Balistics Tactical Tracer
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX1080ti SC2 2013 MHz core
  • Case
    Fractal Meshify C
  • Storage
    500GB 850Evo SSD + 1TB Toshiba SSD + 2TB HDD
  • PSU
    EVGA 750W G2 Supernova
  • Display(s)
    34" Dell AW3418DW + 22" Samsung s22a200b
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100iv2 GTX+Noctua NF-F12PWM
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
  • Mouse
    Razor deathadder
  • Sound
    Sennheiser GameOne + Razor Leviathan Soundbar
  • Operating System
    Win7 + WinX

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  1. Bl00dgod

    Looking for a new Chair - Budget ~ 650 €

    And whats your chair?
  2. Bl00dgod

    Looking for a new Chair - Budget ~ 650 €

    haworth is ok, i got a "dynaflex" at work but i wouldnt buy that one for home... "fern" or "zody" are out of budget
  3. Bl00dgod

    Looking for a new Chair - Budget ~ 650 €

    oO" that criterion looks like some of those cheapo build "old day´s" office chairs only fillew with cheepo foam Edith: https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdx/steelcase-criterion-task-chair-sca1036.html ... wtf... These Cost an arm and a leg
  4. Hi guys, my old "PU" office chair is run down while using it for 3+ hours a day...ever since and now i´m looking for a great successor. I got a budget of ~ 650 € what brands like noblechair, maxnomic, secretlab, hermann miller, etc would you recommend or what specific chairs are you using from them? for aesthetics i dont want/need a gamery look just something decent some adjustments for the back would be nice to have like lumbar support instead of pillows a friends said i could get something like that with real leather etc https://noblechairs.com/de/product/hero-real-leather-black/ thanks in advance
  5. i´d love to see the good old kane return hopefully they change the mechanics of the tiberium "crawler", those always moved the longest possible way hail the brotherhood of NOD
  6. remember when linus and luke moved around with lawnmower to earn some extra cash, that seems more profitable right now for those in need energy costs are ~ 28 cents / kilowatt so mining 28 days will hurt more than buying it directly ( 28 days - 672 hours while the pc runs with like ~0,4 kilowatt / h thats ~ 11-12cent/ h ... do the math ... ) kinguin g2a and all the other shady sites offer GTA and PUBG "legit" for ~20-25 bucks
  7. Bl00dgod

    1k build challenge

    Thats Not possible, the Deadline is next month, unfortunately He already gathered a Display with d-sub / VGA Connection
  8. Bl00dgod

    1k build challenge

    a small itx box would be nice, hm i´ll see if i can find a cheapo 1060 somewhere or ask if its ok to get a gpu from ebay that everything fits the budget
  9. Bl00dgod

    1k build challenge

    Try to stay under 1 grand, OS is needed too 8gb RAM should be okay at the start
  10. Bl00dgod

    1k build challenge

    will the 3gb version be enough? in case the kiddo wants to play witcher 3 or other nice AAA titles
  11. Bl00dgod

    1k build challenge

    oh oO" didnt i pick a regular sata3 850 evo woops 2. if the budget would allow more i´d get something better, nice and decent 5. everything needs warranty ( i build it and never see it again ) so in case they need to be RMA´able
  12. Bl00dgod

    1k build challenge

    germany, if those GPU prices would be "normal" it would be alot easier, 1060 6gb cost ~360 bucks ( 450 dollar )
  13. Bl00dgod

    1k build challenge

    hello guys, the nephew of my mate wants a pc for his birthday on the 3rd april, his mum granted a budget of 1k, maybe 50 bucks more but thats it the target is getting into gaming thats what i picked so far ( WLAN is needed, he´s not allowed to "wire" through the house ) no need for any fancy stuff, it needs to be price/performance > aesthetics https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/qHDbvn the first title to be played is overwatch thanks in advance for you suggestions and build plans would be great to see some builds for both teams intel and amd edit:location is germany and currency euro thanks in advance
  14. Bl00dgod

    UV lights or RGB

    couldnt see any difference with cables or other components while using UV for 4-5h when its getting dark since late december when i got it not using it 24/7
  15. Bl00dgod

    UV lights or RGB

    jay2cents used UV strips in his builds, i tried it too and it looks fancy there are also combo strips with RGB or white light and UV, i bet this great guy can help you too @CableMod or other brands/ companies there are some risks of degrading hardware over time because of the UV