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  1. Hey guys this morning when i started my pc the screen remained black.. i have a b250 motherboard from msi , this mobo have an application it's called ez debug... the light that was on was "VGA" i removed my 1050ti from gigabyte the g1 version with 4gb of vram, started the pc again and it boot and the vga light was off! I uninstalled the driver from nvidia and put back the gpu.. but still the screen was black but the vga light was now off.. i bought this videocard from amazon a couple a month ago... Is it the problem? or i have to do some other tests maybe? on the gigabyte site on the support page.. it told me that if i had any problem in the first 2 year i have to contact the vendor that i bought it from so am i supposed to call amazon? what i need to tell them?
  2. i was looking this one up.. its cool its big and have cool feature.. but it costs 38€ .. is it worth it? there isnt anything like that but a bit cheaper?
  3. Hey guys.. My Cm devastator mouse left click is done! im searching a new replacement.. i dont want to spend a lot of money, but i down want to buy a cheap mouse either.. my budget is around 15-39.99€ top.. the fact is that my idea was to spend something like 20€ but i coudnt find anything appealing.. so can you help me? use Amazon.it ! its the only online shopping site i can use my hand is L: 20.5cm W: 11.7cm im between the fingertip and the claw grip! depends on the mouse i use..!
  4. well fk! then what do you think about the cx non modular one? https://www.amazon.it/dp/B009D7CSPG/ref=twister_B01086FU2I?_encoding=UTF8&th=1 it should work fine? or its gonna blow ? isnt it even old? like the grey one seems newer!
  5. i mean some good 80 plus . ahah like the corsair vs550w , it should be new... i mean it should not be that crap anymore.. i mean at least it should work decent.. did they not learn? i myself have a case+psu combo since 2014 and that is absolutely a crap psu but still it does his job... its not even silent! so i mean there are no psu that are made with not the best component but still they do the job !?
  6. i edited the post ahah, read it again! there is no budget 2017 psu ? jesus!
  7. i actually have a s12 and its great but it cost kinda 20euros more than it should.. and the corsair too its a bit too expenisive.. if i get the non modular one ? https://www.amazon.it/dp/B009D7CSPG/ref=twister_B01086FU2I?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 what do you think? im actually going to get a 1050ti, so its a g4560 a 1050ti running at 1506mhz 1 ssd 1 7.2krpm hdd 1 dvd/cd reader 1 120mm fan 8gb of ddr4 at 2400mhz
  8. Ciao!! i was actually thinking about the versa .. it seems very solid for the money! and yeah even the bitfinix is a good one i thinK! thanks for the reply!
  9. it's 60euros dude lol. what kinda of budget it is its like 80$
  10. hey guys what do you think about : https://www.amazon.it/XFX-P1-500B-XTFR-500W-alimentatore-computer/dp/B01AK9NPCA/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1489401933&sr=1-1&keywords=xfx+500 do you know some good budget case ? (25-40 euros price range) Anyway ,there are some 2017 psu out there? im not looking to overclock , im just searching something solid but not to expensive around the 50euros range.. ( if u want to help me find it search on Amazon.it) the build have a g4560 and rx470 4gb inside!