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  1. Absolutely!!! now is a great time. the ps4 is so late into its life. the library of games is immense. not to mention pre-owned games are really cheap. i think you're gonna get alot of time out of the ps4. i also believe in not buying the launch models of any console. its always nice to wait out whatever problems the next system will have. and wait for sony/microsoft to fix them.
  2. i never had any of my controllers have that issue.. but one of my controllers has a worn out analog i doubt it was a big issue back in the day too
  3. Wow. great collection the most retro console i have is a ps1. i wish i could get my hands on some really retro consoles like yours. Also. the CRT tv is a great touch for a retro setup
  4. I have the... Electra Blackwidow tournament edition 2014 Ornata Chroma Deathadder Elite Cynosa everything is still working great. no problems whatsoever. the only one that died on me was a Deathadder 2013 , but it lasted me for like 2 years.
  5. i ended up just replacing them myself. you can find a pair of replacement analogs for roughly 10$ - 20$ its fairly easy to do. you just need the screwdriver for it
  6. It's easier with the gamepad, but its not as competitive as the PC version, and ive noticed there are alot of cheat items when you play online with others, like items that increase attack speed by 1000%. so the console version isnt as tightly monitored as the PC version. another advantage of the console version, is that you can play offline it also feels nicer to just sit back on your couch and play the game
  7. Overcooked is a really fun coop game.
  8. Just for Halo, Forza,Gears of War and just dance but if i see games that are cheaper on xbox than on ps4. ill get that version instead.
  9. I'd suggest on just upgrading the HDD of the ps4, since the fat and slim dont have a USB port at the back of the console. So i dont think it looks nice having a usb cable stick out of the front, and going around the back. unless you have the pro. so you can keep things nice and tidy
  10. You can try Doorkickers. the graphics are simple, but its a fun game
  11. HP Pavilion dv7 1135nr AMD Turion x2 2gb ddr2 ram HD3200 Graphics i used this laptop thru my college life.. it was awful for gaming, it was soo heavy, i hated this thing. the 17 inch screen was kinda a good thing tho.
  12. I think brawlhalla is a great game to play. and it's free
  13. i stay at 4800 for both gaming and normal usage.
  14. i loved playing smash, mario kart and overcooked 2 with my brother on his switch, however i wouldnt prefer buying it because its more of a party game. maybe if theres a sale or if i can find a used copy fir 30$ i have already finished diablo 3 on ps4, so its not a game im really interested in anymore... however it would be nice to play it on the go. im not really interested in playing older titles on the switch. i wanna play the latest i got my switch used. so its not the new one. but i dont wanna hack my switch. i just bought Breath of the wild and octopath traveler today. so i will be very very busy in the coming days. haha. thanks for the suggestion