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  1. i figured it out, i decided to use x86 and it worked, whadda ya know
  2. I have a AMD64 computer, and i download the visual C++ Redistributable Packages, and the installer still says i dont have it, any help?
  3. Hi, I have an ultrawide screen (2560 x 1080) and if i open GTA V I cannot see the menu buttons, as well as a good 2/4 of the screen, is there any kind on keyboard shortcuts to do this???
  4. All i want to do, is whenever something is typed out, it will come back with a response, then go back to the same thing, how do i do that??
  5. here is my code: cool=input("What Number??") cool + 60 ------------------------------------- i just need to add "cool" plus 60, its kinda stupid but im still learning
  6. wait wtf? why does that work and no other bat file works at all?
  7. just calculate numbers, im in the 5th grade and i want to impress my friends, thats it
  8. this is so fucking confusing
  9. okay, it shows the exact code you/i put in, then in say the pause sentence, then when you press a button, it closes it
  10. dude, it closes at the start, i put a pause, at the start, then i tried the end, and it just closes, as soon as the code runs, it flashes then closes
  11. im trying to make a calculator for my first program, and the cmd opens, then instantly closes. @echo off echo /p MATH=equation? echo /a RESULT=%MATH% echo %RESULT%