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  1. This kit at first glance is fantastic for the price (as low as $88), besides that there's a chance one may have to exchange it for another due to errors in memtest, judging by the reviews. I want to use it with a Ryzen 5 2600X and overclock the frequency on the RAM if it can handle at least some. Does anyone have experience with this specific kit? Even if not, how do the prospects seem considering the low price? I'll definitely swing more for a better kit if it will likely be lacking. Any help greatly appreciated; many thanks in advance.
  2. Why would mobo manufacturers bother to list "supported" speeds and not even include all of the normal ones if that is the case? I believe what you are telling me, but it doesn't really make sense.
  3. Sorry I misread the specs; edited. I was not looking for specifically 3200Mhz or any in particular yet, I just want to know about ones that aren't listed and aren't higher than 3466. Thanks.
  4. Example: MSI B450 Tomahawk lists up to 3466Mhz, but excludes numbers like 3400, 3333, and more. I'm not talking about overclocking, I just want to know if will *certainly* be able to run say a 3400Mhz kit at 3400Mhz even though it's not on the list. My thinking is that they list the ones they test extensively, but I am not sure to what extent there is confidence in ones not listed even if they are below the "maximum" or highest listed. Also, is there anything else to worry about? Like, might I be restricted in how much I can adjust the timings because it's not "supported"? - stuff along those lines. Thanks a bunch in advance.
  5. Thank you! I'll search up the part number.
  6. I am thinking of upgrading my low end Intel build to a Ryzen 5 2600X on B450. I don't really want to buy a new cooler though, so I'd like to know if my CM Hyper 212 EVO which I purchased in 2016 needs a new adapter of some kind to work on an AM4 socket. Thanks.
  7. Ok so I can't find any setting in my highly restricted HP BIOS interface about Legacy/UEFI modes and I can't even tell if my Windows 7 installation is being booted by UEFI or Legacy boot mode since the BIOS mode entry doesn't exist in System Information! WTF
  8. Hmm so it sounds like this is a H6X specific thing. Thanks for your input
  9. This is very interesting to me - I'd never heard of a Video BIOS.... What I'm getting is the video card has its own firmware that in this case can't be initialized by the UEFI firmware and so it needs to run in legacy mode using the Compatibility Support Module - which is built into a UEFI system. Assuming that's correct, how should I go about enabling this in my BIOS? It sounds very familiar like I might've seen it looking through BIOS settings, but I'm not sure I'm thinking of the right thing.. Thanks a lot for anything further you can provide.
  10. So if this wasn't a prebuilt system but with a similar motherboard it would almost certainly work? Meaning the issue here is with HP's firmware or something?
  11. Hello, I am attempting to test a PowerColor RX 470 4GB in an HP pavilion p6780t desktop from 2011. I have the power issue taken care of, and there is a free PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot - all good there. However, it doesn't produce a POST. The motherboard is a PEGATRON Cleveland GL-8, that's H67 LGA1155 with an i5-2400 CPU installed; also, Speccy mentions 2AB6 for this mobo. The BIOS is v 7.15 which is from Dec 2011 and there is no later version provided by HP. Does anyone around here have knowledge involving modern GPU's with this kind of old system? I was told I might need an "updated UEFI BIOS" to get this to POST; can anyone provide evidence confirming or denying this? And anything else that may be useful is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.
  12. That makes sense, thanks again for your help
  13. Ah, of course. Well as far as I can gather there's no way to get such an updated BIOS on this board. Do you have any suggestions? Is there such a thing as custom firmware I can set up and put on there? (Long shot ik...) Thx.
  14. This is a p6780t, that's not 2000 series, right? Lol I can try that anyway though, I downloaded a file from the HP website though it's listed that it's from Dec 2011, I don't know if that is going to be the proper update, do you? Thanks EDIT: Just saw some Amazon reviewer for a 750Ti saying his p6780t couldn't run the card due to lack of a recent enough BIOS update; this gives me doubts with the RX 470 being even newer than a 750Ti. That being said, it's a comparison between AMD and Nvidia GPU's, could be there's no reason to draw any conclusions about the 470 from that.