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  1. Anyone have any idea if this would work?
  2. o0o0oo0o0o0o We should get a monitor stand video from LTT for ULTRAWIDES!!! haha
  3. I'm looking to put 2 ultrawides on the bottom and possibly this 32inch tv on top that I was just gonna use as a TV. Like but for 2 ultrawides and not 3 monitors. I dunno if this would work. 2x 34inch LG Ultrawides.
  4. What's going on LTT fam, I've been looking for some time for a 2 + 1 Monitor stand for 34 Inch Ultrawides. By 2+1 I'm talking 2 low and 1 up. I've been wondering if I should get a 3 +1 for the 34inch ultrawides on the bottom.
  5. Well, I'm using an Hewlett-Packard SK-2061 Mouse and Keyboard wireless combo, Paired up to my Apple Earbuds. haha what setup!
  6. Arc mini R2 is nice. I'd for sure go with that one.
  7. I'd maybe do a NAS storage? maybe like a synology or something a long those lines. that way you can save some loot on the PCs and just run SSDs for speed.
  8. Windows 10 stores the key in the bios. So I would think .. now I could be wrong but I would think you'll be okay to upgrade the 8.1 in the VM and then create restore media to then add it to another pc if that's what you're wanting to do.. but I'm not 100% sure how that activation will go. and yes your windows 8.1 key will not be valid anymore.
  9. haha yeah I edited the post.... its called hitfilm 3
  10. Premiere Elements is nice.. There's some Freeware called Hitfilm 3, you can always give that a shot. I haven't messed with it , but I've heard it has some nice effects... Plus its free for the most part from what I understand.
  11. Lower end cpu like ? 4400 4460? etc ??