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    Business Management Student @ University St. Gallen (Switzerland), WebDeveloper / Designer (PHP / Javascript / HTML5 / CSS3)
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    Business Management Student @ University St. Gallen


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    i7 4930k @ 3.4GHz
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    ASUS Rampage IV Gene
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    4x 8 Gb Kingston HyperX 1866Mhz
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GTX 780 (Reference Design)
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    FractalDesign R4 Mini
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    2x 120Gb Samsung Evo - 2x 4TB Caviar Black - 2x 2TB BackupDrive
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    Corsair AX760i
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    2x DELL U2713HM
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    Apple Wireless KeyBoard
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
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    CentOS 7 & Windows Professional 10

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  1. Completely agree with that. Just pass the data in the promise to the function. So you don't even need global variables fetch(url).then( response => { renderVideos(response.data) }) function renderVideos(data){ ... // Register Click handler after insertion here // My example used jquery as i thought you used it before }
  2. And by the way, the mainVideoID could be undefined if the request takes more than 1s... why don't you just call that function in the promise?
  3. $('#youtube_playlist').on('click','.individual_list_item',function(e){ e.preventDefault(); $element = $(e.currentTarget); console.log($element.data('key')); }); Should do it
  4. leodaniel

    Publishing PHP site that uses Composer

    Just run cd /path/to/your/project composer install on the server
  5. leodaniel

    Installing 3 workplaces at one PC

    Yes, but those companies have redundant systems with servergrade HW and an IT team Linus does this kind of stuff more as an experiment in my opinion (as far as I know you are talking about the 7 Gamers 1 pc video right?) and he just happens to have a lot of hardware laying around You re way better of just building/buying 3 systems... it will be cheaper in the end
  6. leodaniel

    Installing 3 workplaces at one PC

    It sounds like you want to use this setup for production, right? I would strongly discourage you to do that. If this system fails, all 3 of you can't work. I would build or buy 3 Individual systems. When you consider all the time you will need to invest in such a machine, maintenance and stuff, you will come of way cheaper with dedicated machines If it's for fun, or you just want to try something, then do it. But if you need to rely on this machine, I wouldn't do it
  7. leodaniel

    Getting PHP Errors, can anyone help?

    I assume you use PHP 7 right? Mysql has been removed as of PHP 7.0, use mysqli or PDO
  8. Hi, I have an offer for an GTX 1070 for around 200 Bucks (Gainward GTX1070, 8GB GDDR5). I actually have a GTX 780 in my system. I think it would be kind of a big update. My Question, does it make any sense to upgrade only the GPU or will the CPU become a bottleneck then? I don't game a lot, when I do, I mainly steam to my NVIDIA Shield in my living room over Gigabit ethernet and I play games like the witcher 3. My specs: - i7 4930k @ 3.4 Ghz (actually running at the base clockspeed, but I overclocked it to 4Ghz easily) - 32 Gb Ram - Asus Rampage IV gene Mobo
  9. leodaniel

    What Laptops do you guys use?

    I completely agree here with you I agree, tho for my usage, I usually only have one or max 2 vms running and use docker too but I still like to use the terminal quiet often, also for other tasks on my mac, like quickly editing a file, just having native PHP or whatever, ... I have to admit, since quiet some time I havent looked into developing on windows machines, as I am really happy with os x and linux Here again, I m not sure what is all included in that price. Anyway, if it's just around 500$ I would still argue, if you are seriously into development (or rely on your device), it doesn't matter... you amortize such a device in 2-3 years max. Will make a difference about ~200$ per year, which should not limit your choice by any means. I really value great support and just being able to go to the apple store in my town and let it be repaired in a really short time is gold to me and again I don't know about the service of other laptops as I don't have any experience. So this could also be the case for other laptop manufacturers, I only want to say, this is something to consider when buying a laptop you will rely on In the end, it is just personal preference
  10. leodaniel

    What Laptops do you guys use?

    I agree you don't need one, but having a unix based system is a benefit in my opinon (or for what I do, it's definitely a benefit). And I just love the ecosystem by now, will be hard for me to change to a windows laptop. I term of price, it doesn't really matter to me as I use them over several years (I had a 2012 MBPr for over 5 years) usually without any problems. I am okey to pay a premium for the good service I always got. For sure, you get awesome laptops from other brands, which may even be cheaper for the same performance. I didn't really check the prices lately, but I think for the same design, performance and build quality, we are anyway speaking of expensive hardware in more or less the same price category (+/- 300$). But those are only my preferences
  11. leodaniel

    PHP Laravel Undefined property help needed.

    From what I can tell, there should be no problem. Laravel Collection implements ArrayAccess and the variable $service is a string. So calling the in array function should work fine. But I completely agree:
  12. leodaniel

    What Laptops do you guys use?

    MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2017 I personally always use mac laptops. It's not budget for sure, but the build qualitiy is awesome and for web development, mac osx is great.
  13. leodaniel

    PHP Laravel Undefined property help needed.

    You can also use intersect $intersection = $value->service->intersect($request->service); if( $intersection->notEmpty() ){ $ok = true; }
  14. leodaniel

    PHP Laravel Undefined property help needed.

    I don't know your error, but if $value->service is a collection I would use $value->service->each(function ($item, $key) use($request,$ok) { if( in_array($item,$request->services) ){ $ok = true; // return false to break the loop return false; } });