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  1. Well Hardware Unboxed didn't name it as the best value 1440p 144Hz monitor (at least at the time of making if I remember correctly) for no reason, you can trust their data. Seems like a very good monitor. When I was buying my monitor, I was choosing between this and LG 27GL850 and went for LG only because it had an adjustable stand, were I to own a VESA mount beforehand, I wouldn't even doubt to go for this.
  2. Quite a difficult question indeed. Over the last three years, I've gone from 1080p 144Hz to 1440p 60Hz to 1080p 60Hz to 1440p 144Hz. And as long as I was not playing any FPS games and used a controller (when using a mouse, the lack of fluidity was quite noticeable on 60Hz screens, at least after having played on 144Hz), gaming seemed fine on all of them. If PS5 is going to offer support for 1440p resolution like Xbox One(Xbox One X ?) did, then I'd consider 1440p 144Hz to be the sweet spot, otherwise I'd go for a 4k screen.
  3. I did a quick google search and as far as I could tell, your chosen motherboard does not come with an updated BIOS, meaning your CPU won't work out of the box, you'll need an older CPU to update it, not sure if it comes with a feature that allows you to flash the BIOS without any CPU in, seems to be mostly an MSI thing. That being said, I know for a fact that B450 TOMAHAWK MAX (MUST be the MAX version) comes with updated BIOS so everything will work out of the box and is also regarded as one of, if not the best value B450 motherboard.
  4. Do you need this kind of difference in performance in the games you play? However, I think upgrading from RX 570 to RX 590 is not worth it due the difference in performance and the amount of money you'll have to spend, unless you get the kind of deal were you trade in your RX 570 and a little bit of money for a RX 590. Better save up and upgrade to something more powerful then.
  5. Latvian myself. Bought LG 27GL850 2 days ago from RD Electronics for 459 euros (they increased the price to 500 now, demand must be high). Love it both in terms of picture quality and game responsiveness. Doesn't come color-calibrated that well from the start though, so you would have to play with the settings or find a separate color calibrator to borrow. EDIT: Checked out SolarNova's recommendation and VG27AQ does seem like it could be a better choice if you can find it for the same price or cheaper. I checked it out on salidzini (for non Latvians, it's a price comparing website across all stores here) and only dateks seems like a good store to get it from (but in case of bad panel lottery, you'd want to RMA it and trying to do it with these internet stores could give you a bad headache, maybe dateks is okay though, I do not know). RDVeikals offers you to return it no questions asked within the first two weeks so I chose them. EDIT V2: If you don't care about ergonomics / have a vesa mount, you could look at VX2758-2KP-MHD which costs 352 euros @ RDVeikals, also a great monitor.
  6. Personally I despise TN monitors due their colors (had BenQ XL2430 in the past, doubt their colors have improved much) and think they should never be considered unless you play games very competitively. You're already spending big bucks on a monitor, might as well spend a little bit more to not second guess your purchase in the future.
  7. Hello, so I've calibrated my monitor colors in OSD to look as best to my eye as it can. However, whenever I enter a fullscreen application (a game), the monitor flashes it's input source and colors are reverted to the default ones which are very bland. A quick fix is to run a game in fullscreen borderless mode, but that does have an effect on performance so maybe someone knows a fix? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrMzSvKU970
  8. Just out of curiosity, why would you need 120Hz if you wouldn't get such high frames with this laptop anyways?
  9. Isn't the point of getting both monitors rather than reading reviews & recommendations on each one before buying is that you can answer that question yourself?
  10. But that's what I am trying to avoid. Playing on Borderless = colors are fine. Playing on Fullscreen = colors are washed out a.k.a settings applied in OSD have no effect.
  11. I'm using LG 24MP88HV-S (IPS) in combination of GTX 1070. I switched from "Aspect ratio" to "No scaling", but that unfortunately did not fix the issue.
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone encountered this problem before. I have adjusted my monitor settings in OSD to make it look as good as possible to my eyes. However, sometimes when I enter a game that's in fullscreen, my monitor randomly flashes a "HDMI 2" in the top right corner as if you changed your input source and all the settings changes that I have done get reverted. Switching a game to Borderless fixes the problem but it's not ideal since performance is better when playing in Exclusive Fullscreen.
  13. Hello. Could anyone explain what's the difference between the contrast that is advertised for monitor to have and contrast that you can adjust in OSD settings? If a monitor is advertised to have a contrast ratio of 1000:1, does that mean by adjusting the contrast to 70% in OSD you're using only 700:1 ?
  14. Alright, I guess VG27AQ it is then unless I manage to find something better till I sell my current 1440p monitor.