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  1. i looked at a load of performance benchmarks but kinda inconclusive would the 2070s be good for 1440p 100+hz monitor
  2. once it reaches a certain temperature condensation occurs could damage the system
  3. plus they look pretty cool mount a little shelf on the wall keep them as so called mantle pieces love the look of old cards
  4. You could keep them and use it for trouble shooting if they work lets say your your other gpu dying and you swap to these to diagnose your other card
  5. if you dont mind me asking what other games you play and how well do they run cause i got my 2070s less than a year ago and upgrading to 30 series be a little painful for the wallet
  6. Hi in my country this monitor is currently on sale at the moment i have Rtx 2070 super and i7 10700k if anybody is currently playing on simmilar set up at 1440p how well is it at the moment im 1080p 144hz
  7. cpu taken out motherboard pins are perfect no bending
  8. havent tried that will try that
  9. i have reset cmos already via the jumper
  10. yes i made sure and re-installed latest bios
  11. i tried that tried each stick crashed each time tried taking gpu out and ddu the drivers and booting with igpu still crashed tried differnty ram still crashed im so lost
  12. swapped out ram top a different kit still crashing