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  1. I want the Excalibur v2 keyboard because it looks like an awesome key board and i need a new one.
  2. I want a new ssd because the one I have now is almost full and I need more space.
  3. It is a tie between the headset and keyboard for my favorite product. They both look awesome.
  4. It is more noticeable in person and it mostly only happens on softer wood like pine there wasn't really a problem with the red oak being blotchy. Which was the other three strips on the front and top.
  5. The Desk and top is pine. For the desk i used Minwax Polyshades Bombay Mahogany Satin number 380. I really like the color of it but it is a pain to use since you have to clean you brush after each time you stain with mineral spirits and you can only use certain types of brushes since it is stain and polyurethane. For the top that hold the glass i used Minwax Wood finish Ebony number 2718 and i did not use polyurethane on it. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO USE PRE STAIN WOOD CONDITIONER ON PINE or else it will cause your stain to become blotchy. Which is what happened to Woody.
  6. This is the first linustech tips i ever watched and it was pretty close to when it first came out and i have been watching ever since.
  7. Ya i know i realized that i am supposed to put pump directly after res after i was finished cutting all the tubing so i decided to see how it would be if i just left it like that and so far the pump is running good and it is silent. I think the only issue it could have caused was making it kind of time consuming to bleed the loop but that could also have taken a long time since every thing is on the same level.
  8. Thanks. I do not think that the fans will be starved of air since they are close to the side of the desk and the rear fan is almost on the back edge of the desk which gives it plenty of fresh air. the edges of the desk are open and it has a god couple of inches between the fans and the glass which is only on the top. I will make sure that i pay attention to the fans and temps to make sure that they are starving for air since i didn't think about that.
  9. I have finished setting up all the tubes and i filled it with water. Right now i am leak checking all the fittings but so far so good and it has been running for about an hour with and no leaks so far. I am watercooling the mother board since i have the maximus Vformula with a built in copper pipe that runs through the heat sink. I have also put the top of the desk back on. Here is the completed pictue of the desk and of course Woody is the background. These Are just more glamour shots If you have made it this far through all of the pictures here is my cat investigating the finished desk (well finished for now). Here she is pawing at the tubing behind the glass This is my headphones.
  10. I have installed the pump to my desk by drilling holes and using bolts that are a lot longer than the ones that came with the pump. I also used the piece of foam with tape on both sides so it would not vibrate. For the rad i did not mount it to the desk the screws would not be long enough and i did not have screws that had the same thread. So i screwed the extra fan scres that i got from the rad into the bottom of the rad. Later today i will finish the water cooling i already have most of the tubes connected i just have to do the rad and pump which is a pain in the butt because I'm using 3/8" tube and the pump barbs are 1/2"
  11. For now the rad will not be mounted to the desk it will be siting on extra fan screws screwed into the bottom of the rad. The screws are long enough to let in plenty of room to let air blow out of.
  12. I got the Swifttech apogee hd and res Yesterday and all i have to do is finish tubig up my rig, fill it up and test for leaks. Then I'm going to overclock it. This is the 250 ml res It was a lot bigger than i expected it to be. I Flushed the rad a couple of times with distilled water and nothing came out so i was satisfied.
  13. The first box its from performance pc's and it has the Swifttech mcp 655 Blood red Primochill Primoflex Advanced LRT Alphacool NexXxos xt45 360mm radiator. I am expecting to get another box later today that will have the Bitspower Water Tank Z multi 250 res
  14. I have ordered watercooling parts and they will becoming very soon i cant wait to finally almost finish this.
  15. ya I was going to build a desk but the wood was to expensive so i used a desk that was laying aroung
  16. ya if you want to see the build log its here http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/74736-custom-desk-with-and-open-design-resurrection-its-done/
  17. haha thanks we should always argue about stuff we don't know about
  18. I have gotten used to it since the desk i had before this was was a work bench meant for standing. the height of my arms don't really bother me but when i play xbox (ya i know xbox but what ever its only for gta 5) I put my hands between the desk and the desk top that is the only time that the height really bothers me. I think its also good because it makes me sit up straighter which means less slouching, which is better for my back. But i could care less about that, but who knows maybe in 20 years i will be thank full that i slouched less. Who knows.
  19. Plans for water cooling Cpu Xspc Raystorm or Swiftech APOGEE HD ultimate exterme preformance in black (i think they could have used a longer name for it) Gpu EK-FC670 GTX DCII-Nickel Mother board i will be using the built in water cooling I have a maximus 5 formula witch i believe has a copper pipe in it. Ram I am not planing to water cool the ram but i may change my mind. Rads 2 Alpha cool NexXxos xt 45 full copper 306mm pump Mcp655 Res Bitspower Water Tank z 250 clear acrylic Tubing Primo flex advanced lrt bloodshed red or some kind of ridged tubing. Fittings what ever as long as they look nice Fans Bit Fenix spectre pro fans black i want them to be almost silent well quiet enough that i dont hear them with open style headphones on. i think I will to undervolt them to 7v if anyone has experience with these fans or any other fan like the noise blocker black silent pros please tell me how they are and if you like them. i would like the fans to be at most $20 each i would prefer $10-$15 Fluid i will probably just go with distilled of de ionized water with a silver coil in it. I will be putting this list in the front page of the build log I would like some criticism on the water cooling parts. If any of you guys get me to change my mind i will just change it on the first page of the build log.
  20. It's not that bad since i don't have very many fans in it. I just use a swiffer duster to clean off the top every couple of days but once i put water cooling in it it will become a pain. but i think it will be worth it.