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    a pineapple under the sea
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    everything pc enthusiast
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    polyethylene receptacle engineer


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    AS-Rock 990FX extreme 3
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    8 gb Avexir Core Series
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    Phanteks Enthroo Pro (wrapped in carbon fiber)
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    1TB Segate Barracuda, and 120GB OCZ arc 100
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    Raidmax 850AE, 80Plus Gold, 850 watt (i know, i know, but i got it for $50 and it hasent failed me yet)
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    3x AOC i2267Fw 5760 x 1080
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    Corsair H60
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    Corsair Vengeance K65
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    Logitech G600
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    Logitech G930
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    Win. 7 Ultimate

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  1. I kinda knew posting this would result in a bunch of people giving me ways to try and convince him, I don't need help convincing him I need help finding an actual pc.
  2. by "best" i just mean most powerful, its for gaming (easy to run games like wow, league, csgo, civ5, etc).
  3. I recently posted here asking for help with a pc build around this price point but I need a pre-built option in case he decides he doesn't trust himself building a pc (which he might). Whats the best pre-built you can find for under $500? (I'm really trying to convince him to build one himself)
  4. is amd fx no longer a better value than going core i3?
  5. Hello LTT People, I used to be pretty active on this forum but those days are behind me as are the days when I could throw together a great build at any price-point. I'm building a PC for a friend and here are the parameters: - must be around $450 - doesn't have to be a beast he doesn't play graphically demanding games (he plays wow, league, csgo, civ5, etc), I still don't wait it to be under-powered though (I would list a graphics card but I don't know any recent ones) - build should be reliable, clean looking - build should have an ssd - this is in USD btw thanks in advance, I will update this when I realize what parameters I forgot
  6. Thanks guys, ill probably go with @Starelementpokes build and use the processor and ram from @ShrDcs build cause I know he doesn't need 32 gigs of ram and an i7 is more for workstation applications, I know an i5 wouldn't bottleneck him at all.
  7. sorry ill edit original post with build purpose, gimme a sec
  8. Hello LTT forum! Its been a while since I was last on here and I've lost touch with the community a little but the time has come to build another PC! This is for a friend of mine in college, this is what he needs: - Under $1,400 - Includes decent monitor - Micro-ATX at most (college dorms are small) - needs ssd and at least 2TB of total storage - needs to look decent (side panel window, no crazy flashy lights) The main purpose of this build is to be a gaming/work PC, don't try to stuff the craziest card possible into it but don't go super weak either. He said the hardest to run game he will be playing is probably the new doom, it does not have to run at max settings though. Could someone just throw a build together in PCPP? I used to be really good at this but I'm out of touch with the times. Thanks in advance!
  9. sorry guess i should have specified, I'm only looking at wireless routers.
  10. haven't been on the forum in a long time but i really need a new router because my current one keeps glitching out. I don't want to spend more than $300, it will be used for mostly common household stuff and minor pc gaming. there is usually around 11 devices connected to it. I just need a few solid suggestions, thanks in advance
  11. looks solid, if I were you i would go with the 250D but its really just personal preference, also I don't know if the 212 evo fits in it.
  12. it doesnt really sound like you have the experience to build a full custom loop correctly, I would reccomend getting air cooled cards
  13. I think its worth it but it really depends on your usage scenario, and the type of games you play, it's a heck of a lot better in terms of productivity. If you have the desk space i would say go for it but whe i pack up and go to college ill be selling my monitors in exchange for an lg ultrawide