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    madscientist56 reacted to Zyndo in need a PRE BUILT PC for under $500   
    What you need is google, not a forum. go browse online flyers, online stores, and find something that fits what you need.
    asking a forum about this is simply going to result in someone else having to do your homework for you.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Zyndo in need a PRE BUILT PC for under $500   
    Also you should consider looking at the used market. 500 bucks for a pre-built is going to leave you with a fairly dismal gaming experience unless you can manage to find an insane deal. but a used 500 dollar machine, if you know what to look for, could be quite powerful indeed.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Codymm03 in Need a Router   
    sorry guess i should have specified, I'm only looking at wireless routers.
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Muleworx in Frowned upon to wanting to use a controller?   
    a lot of people who transition like to use controllers on pc its normal, i have a lot of friends who play fifa with controllers
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    madscientist56 reacted to EpicAdom in a quick question about laptop graphics   
    1st gen Intel integrated graphics SUCK. You won't be able to play Dota anywhere close to that well.
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    madscientist56 reacted to GzeroD in a quick question about laptop graphics   
    I would doubt it there was a big jump in performance between intell HD 2000 and 3000 and it happened again between 3000 and 4000. I would expect about 1/2 too 3/4 the performance on a HD 2000 part compaired to a HD 3000 part. it looks much worse for the original Intel HD mobile parts.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Nup in Linus has the worst car among the LTT staff?   
    hard to beat a lambo though.... 
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    madscientist56 reacted to d3sl91 in Microsoft now lets you download Windows 7 ISOs legally.   
    As reported by Lifehacker:
    You can now legally download Windows 7 ISOs, if you have a proper key. No more "iffy downloads" that may or may not be injected with wonderful spyware. 
    http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-recoveryis the direct site. 
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Lanoi in Ask the 13 Year Old Anything (Necromanced 10-5-14)   
    An African or a European swallow?
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    madscientist56 reacted to Glenwing in Download speed Upload speed   
    He means 3.79Mbps/429kbps (0.479Mbps)
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    madscientist56 reacted to Kyuubixchidori in Car aux. input   
    yeah, here we have a store called 5 and below. Picked one up for 5 bucks, sounds identical to my dads 90$ adapter. the build quailty is just much sketchier. cheap new ones are just fine. 
    keep in mind, radios are usually shielded I believe right around it, so might have to do some searching. do you put your phone at 100%, will lead to distortion. key is, if there is to much static, turn up phone, if to much distortion, turn down phone volume.
    make sure you pick a radio station thats not actually being used in your area
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    madscientist56 reacted to Flyguygamer in Car aux. input   
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    madscientist56 reacted to Coswar in Car aux. input   
    Not Exactly the same, but very similar! Will be the best you can get, despite the reviews
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    madscientist56 reacted to kpreg in Elon Musk: Test Track for 760-mph Hyperloop on the Way   
    can i has one in my backyard pls
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    madscientist56 reacted to Arty in will this pc be good for minecraft   
    any pc you build can run minecraft...
    drop a gtx 750ti and your golden
    extra 150$ but worth it, plus you can play more games
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from ajhoranny89 in best monitor for $300?   
    lg ultrawide 2560 x 1080 ips
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    madscientist56 reacted to xToFxREAPER in Razer OrbWeaver Review   
    Vaneth Reaper's (A.K.A xToFxREAPER) Review of the Razer Orbweaver Gameboard

    @Analog @BurgerBum As per your requests here are your tags


    Hey guys, Im back again with another peripheral review. A little bit of background and why i picked this product up in the first place, My family seems to have a curse. Most or all of us have arthritis and it typically starts at an unfortunately young age, Myself at the age of 19 started to show symptoms of it making pc gaming an increasingly painful hobby for myself and my father. At the current age of 21 its gotten pretty terrible almost on par with my fathers. I had ordered a Logitech G13 back when it started for a slightly more ergonomic and comfortable time gaming as well as the convenience of a huge amount of macroable keys. With that being said this will be my review of the Razer OrbWeaver gaming keypad (or whatever you want to call these damn things!) And why i switched from the Logitech G13


    The packaging and my first impressions

    Packaging wise its pretty standard for razer, Matte black box, Bright green plastic and a few pamphlets and stickers. The box itself is pretty well decorated with all sorts of information with most of it being pretty relevant for someone looking into a product of this type. The box was relatively easy to get into none of that crazy Fort knox stuff some companies have been doing lately. Once you got it open youll find your usual razer stickers, The "thanks for giving us your money" documentation, a quick start guide and of course the OrbWeaver itself. I was surprised at how light it was while remaining heavy enough that it wont move on you while your gaming. I set it down on my desk next to my G710+ where it now lives and set my hand on it. My first thought was "holy hell this thing is comfortable!" I was in love with this product within seconds.



    Setup And Use

    Upon plugging it in it will download razer synapse 2.0 (if you dont already have it that is) and which point everything's set. By default its using the wasd layout with everything in roughly the same position as it would be on a keyboard for the most part. it is intuitive enough that it would take you a very short period of time to get the hang of using the default layout but... Who the hell drops that much on a peripheral with 100% macroable keys and not make use of it?! I proceeded to make myself a layout for use in diablo 3. With Razer Synapse 2.0 being as simple as it is i was able to get everything mapped where i wanted within minutes and was pleased to see that having an .exe file attached to that profile also applied to my naga 2012 edition at the same time making things extremely simple with an added bonus, You can set the keys of your OrbWeaver (And naga if you desire) to launch programs, shortcuts, browsers what have you but when you launch a game with a profile tied to it, Every macro changes to support that rather then launching your programs! Now your probably thinking to yourself at this point "but diablo doesnt use many keys.. That would be a simple profile" and in that you would be correct. I proceeded to make myself profiles for a few others games ive been playing of late such as cod black ops (zombies is addicting!), Watch dogs, Far Cry 4 among others. I had quickly and easily made myself profiles for about 7 different games within an hour give or take counting play test and tweak time. I found with the logitech gaming software if i was popping in and out of it that often it would like to crash which is a problem ive had for years. It was nice to have the response and stability that synapse provided.


    Ok But Is It Comfortable??

    I decided to test the comfort on diablo 3 as that is the game i play the most making it easiest to spot a difference. I can spend hours on that game without even realizing how much time has really passed.. And that is exactly what happened. Before doing so i experimented with the adjustments that are available on the device, Wrist rest tilt function, The key spacing between the wrist rest and the thumb module spacing. Once i had it set the way i wanted it I sat down to play with a few friends at around 9pm, After running bounties, Rifts and Greater rifts for what felt like an hour or so i looked at the clock to realize it was already 5 in the morning! Now using the G13 or even my G710+ that would never have happened. I would have been getting up almost every hour to go grab some food, Go for a smoke any excuse really to let my hand stretch out and alleviate the pain from the arthritis. Even my friends have noticed and commented on the fact that i was suddenly able to marathon game with them. In the one week i have owned it, I have put a ton of hours into gaming that i physically couldnt have done before.


    Why did you ditch trusty old Logitech

    This was not done out of a hatred for logitech by any means. I LOVE logitech products for the most part as anyone who has read my G502 review would know. So why did i change from the G13? Well Ive had that board for about 3 years now and it was getting pretty worn out. Although i could have picked up another G13 I saw the OrbWeaver sitting beside it, I instantly pulled my phone out to see if @LinusTech had done an unboxing for it. Sure enough he

    had done an unboxing for the 2012 edition. I gave it a quick watch while in the store and was instantly sold on it. The membrane switches of the G13 just took a bit to much force to actuate which resulted in far more pain while gaming then that of a mechanical switch and lacked the nice tactile feedback that a mechanical switch can provide. I was somewhat skeptical of Razer's proprietary switches but i took the dive and find they are fantastic. They arent to loud, They feel similar enough to a cherry and are cheaper to build making the 2014 model of the OrbWeaver that much cheaper then that of the 2012. With the much larger shape more orblike shape (pun NOT intended but its the best way to describe the shape and feel) It allows your hand to rest in a far more natural state then a traditional keyboard would with the same thing applying to the G13 as it is a pretty simple and flat layout.



    Does it really enhance your game or is that a gimmick?

    A friend of mine asked me this tonight while i was writing this review. We were on skype while i wrote this and he said "I noticed your playing d3 very differently since you picked that thing up, Is it because your hand isnt as sore or is it because of the game board iteslf?" I couldnt form an answer quite at that moment. I sat back thinking about it for a bit and decided to test myself a bit. I proceeded to remap my actually keyboard (through in game bindings) to be as comfortable and optimal as i could and ran through a greater rift. Sure enough by the end of that rift my hand was absolutely killing me. I used nVidia shadowplay to record the game footage so that i could go over it and watch how i was playing. I then reset the keybinds and went back to using the orbweaver as i had set it up to do another greater rift (at least i got to level up my legendary gems out of this!) also using shadowplay again. I watched my footage side by side on each monitor and noticed something, My friend was right. I was playing very differently and i dare say more efficiently with the orbweaver. Some of the simplest keybinds just couldnt be comfortably done on a keyboard in the same way. Something like the force stand still command is tough to map onto the keyboard in a way that you can keep your hands on all your skill keys as well for someone such as myself. With the orbweaver i can have that command resting right under my thumb while i have my other 4 fingers hovering over my skills and my potion button being only millimeters away from my index finger, making it extremely quick and efficient to get every command i could need without having to travel around a keyboard.


    Ok cool.. Lets wrap this up why dont we

    So your probably wondering now.. Who would i recommend this product to? is it right for you? would you like using a game board? Well if your someone like myself that finds themselves in large amounts of discomfort with even short gaming sessions then yes, i can whole heartedly recommend this product to you with one catch, If you dont have the patience enough to set up your keybinds and build your profiles, Test and tweak and rebuild when need then i would NOT pick this item up or anything similar to it for that matter. Yes profiles can be exported and imported so you could probably find a bunch online in the razer forums (i havent looked so dont hold me to that) however your still going to end up tweaking it and trying to learn what key does what. These are an outstanding and extremely under rated product in my opinion but do worlds of good for comfort, ergonomics and at least in some cases be it minor or great have the potential to enhance your gaming performance. They have so much potential and the usefulness of such an item is only limited by your imagination. I just wish there was a model with mechanical switches and rgb together


    And this is where it will now live for the remainder of its life


    I Hope this review has shed some light on the world of gaming keypads for you guys. If you have any questions, comments, Feedback or anything i forgot please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. I did write this at around 5am so its very likely i forgot some things.

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    madscientist56 reacted to toggleguy in Linus Media Group Photos! (Not official)   
    So I was playing goat sim the other day, as i just bought it for dirt cheap, and I came across the Linus Media Group HQ!!!

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    madscientist56 reacted to RamSatesh in Linus, the guy that i have known for more 5.5 years   
    Hello there,i am 16 and i have been watching linus since late 2009,it just struck me now that every single day i open up youtube to watch videos of a guy that i have never met in person or talked with.
    When i was 10,i was interested in tech,but i didn't know where to get my knowledge from.Then,i found linus on youtube,i forgot which video it was about,but that one video introduced me to a whole new world.
    And there my pc master race was started,i really owe it to linus,he makes us professional level videos everyday.I haven't really contributed anything to linus right now,but i sure will in the future.Whenever my frieds ask me how do i know so much about tech,i tell them linustechtips and recommend them to watch him.
    Even though i have never met linus,i wake up everyday to watch his videos and livestreams.Always take his opinions before others.Basically,this topic is to Thank linus for all he has done.Thank you linus and the awesome crew for all your hardwork, keep up the good work.
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    madscientist56 reacted to EarthboundHero in Giveaways On The Forum   
    We know, there are reasons he doesn't do it.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Kyuubixchidori in Giveaways On The Forum   
    eh. sorry, this is going to be unpopular but i disagree with you. 
    For every youtube channel that you follow, are you part of their forums? do you still want a chance to win their giveaways? yeah. 
    edit: yeah i see where your coming from, but just wanted people to keep in mind, that you can be a huge fan without being part of a fourm. I love foxbody mustangs. to no end. Id probably stab someone over one if i had to. am i part of a foxbody fourm? no. if there was a contest to win one would i enter? hell yeah. 
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    madscientist56 reacted to DevilishBooster in New Job Opening Posted at Sony. Lol!   
    So, on 19 Dec Sony posted a new job at their corporate level. The position title is "Director of Vulnerability Management". LOL! A little behind the ball there, Sony.
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    madscientist56 reacted to Digital Brit in looking for some opinions (POLL)   
    My answer would depend on either:
    How unsafe am I if I choose Freedom?
    How oppressed am I if I choose Safety?
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Mick Naughty in I5 Bottleneck with GTX 970   
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    madscientist56 got a reaction from Frankie in reason for building a PC   
    you would build a pc because the price to performance ratio is worlds better, also with a desktop you can upgrade it when it gets outdated or when something breaks.