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  1. @koehler @FourCorners @Aibohphobia So this is not true. When I read this, it scared me at first because I wanted to build a white/black build and I got a new rubberized green LED that I thought I wouldn't be able to mod. The guy in that reddit post just didn't sand enough. You've gotta sand extra hard, but you can eventually get past the rubber and it looks amazing. Check out my pictures here.
  2. Thanks so much man! I'm really proud of my work and happy with the result. I got so much inspiration and help from this site and others, so I'm very grateful for the community
  3. Hey everybody, I recently completed my first build, and created a PC Part Picker Build Guide for it. Let me know what you think! Thanks
  4. So, I remounted the Kraken x61 using new thermal paste. I followed this video and made sure I cleaned the old thermal paste off thoroughly. I'm still getting 95 degrees, and CAM is reading my liquid temperature at like 75, yet the pumps feel totally ambient. What can I do? DERP. Forgot to check the pump cable. it was just barely unplugged, i think when I was doing my cable management I pulled the extension out a little bit. ALL GOOD
  5. Okay so I checked with a different program and yeah I have a temp problem. I definitely should've checked this out earlier but the excitement was killing me and I'm still learning all this stuff. I used hwmonitor and it was the same reading as CAM. Also, it's not auto-overclocking. I think it's an uneven mount, and I'll remount it tomorrow morning. The fans are spinning and I'm pretty sure everything is plugged in but I'll double check when I remount it. Anyone know of a good video guide for installation of the x61? The NZXT one I found confusing as a beginner, and it made everything much harder than it needed to be initially.
  6. Hey guys, So I built my first PC today (4790k, Kraken X61, 16gb dominator platinum, gtx 980, 500gb EVO, 750w supernova G2, H440), and after a successful boot, I updated my drivers and stuff, then ran NZXT's CAM software for the cooler and my CPU was reading at like 99°C, and giving me a warning notification about the heat of the tubing. I shut off my PC immediately and felt the tubing, which wasn't any hotter than my ambient case temp. Given that this is my first time, I'm a little nervous, and I think I want to remount the cooler to make sure it's on right (need to buy some thermal paste first). Anybody have any insight into what might be the issue? Any recommendations on how I should troubleshoot this? Wat do. Thanks!
  7. Watch the video.. The spaced version is the same length as the 3-way, and it's still too long.
  8. I would be in the same situation as this guy because I am using this mobo yea, not happening haha... This is my first build, so I think i'll just go with the EVGA sli brid
  9. unfortunately, I don't think I can get that one anyway because the spacing is fucked up with my mobo. I think I'll have to go with the evga.
  10. I'd like to use the Nvidia one I linked in the first post. Ideally, I'd take it apart, plastidip the silver white and sand down the green to reveal a white LED.
  11. Hold up... I'm about to start a build with SLI Reference 980s in a H440. Here's the parts list. From your experience, should I be concerned? :blink:
  12. I definitely will! Hmm that looks nice. Might be my only option... thanks @ELSknutson and @NeatSquidYT. Yeah I'm doing the led mod on the 980s too. I like the EVGA one, but prefer the Nvidia one.
  13. Yes I would love to. However, this was my GPU selection process: I was originally going to go with a 970 because I thought it was the best price per performance, and I'm a poor college student. Then I decided on a 960 since I probably didn't even need that much power because I'm only playing GW2 on 1080p. Then I said "wow those reference cards modded white would look sexy in my build" so I went w/ a reference 770, cheaper, sexier, and better than a 960. Then I got two reference 980s for less than $500, and now I'm shopping for a 4k monitor and new games. So unfortunately, a 980ti is a bit out of my reach. I guess I could sell both the 980s and get one, but idk that'd be a hassle and the price per performance i'm getting out of these cards is really unbeatable imo
  14. I bought the K70 on sale, refurbished, for $100. Just got it in the mail yesterday and so far it's fantastic. I tested both the browns and the red switches, and prefer the browns, but the keyboard sale only had the reds so I went with those instead. TBH, I love the reds anyway, and it's such a massive improvement from my old keyboard that I am 100% happy. I preferred the browns because I thought they were quieter, but the reds aren't as loud as I expected, and I can't hear them with my headphones on, nor can my TS teammates hear them when I type. Also, colors are badass. I think you'll be fine with either red or brown, but definitely try them out to see which ones you like best. If youre next to a microcenter, they probably have a testing display.
  15. So, I am about to build my first PC with sli 980s. The theme is black and white, and I want to mod the 980s by sanding off the green to reveal a white LED underneath instead, like this. I am curious to know whether the NVIDIA SLI Bridge can be modded to match. Does anybody own this bridge, or know how the LED is colored green (like, is it green paint or rubber)?