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  1. Thank you @Jarsky. I did what you proposed and installed a windows 10 vm on there. Hard assigned the graphics card to that VM. It works really pretty even. I at first expected that the VM wouldn't support multiple monitors as they are connected to the host, but apparently the hardware assign of the card works as a charm. Everything running smooth ? Thanks again for the advice!
  2. Hi all, I have build a server based on AMD Ryzen and a NVidia graphics card (GTX 1650 - 4GB GDDR5). The system is installed, configured and is running a CCTV IPCAM monitoring system. All runs fine, but the reason why I put that graphics card in there was that I wanted to hook up 3 TVs on HDMI. The server is in the security room and the TVs are already there from an earlier monitoring system. The software supports opening a browser and showing the feeds as a live-grid for a security guard to monitor. The server has 64gb ram and a ryzen 7 2700. The monitoring software is using about 34-36GB ram (meanly due to the amount of cameras) CPU is not that loaded. 10-20% at peak. I have however a few issues. 1. I don't get the unRAID graphical interface to load in 1920x1280 on at least one TV. max res what I'm getting is 1024x768. Looks awefull. 2. I'm not seeing any way to get the other monitors to start working as well. I was wondering if someone here has maybe an idea? Or would it help to install a VM with win10 or something (assign the graphics card in unRAID to that) and use it that way?