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  1. The monitor doesn't allow over 60 Hz with HDMI at any resolution as far as I know.
  2. Unfortunately no.
  3. Yes. Most other 1080p 144 Hz monitors do the same, it is just an unfortunate limitation of those products. HDMI 1.4 itself allows up to 1080p 144 Hz but monitor manufacturers may choose not to allow the full capability to be used.
  4. HDMI on the VG248QE is limited to 60 Hz. Get the ViewSonic XG2401 if you want to run 1080p 144 Hz over HDMI.
  5. I don't think that's related to the monitor identifying itself as a TV.
  6. Most of the time anything connected over HDMI is recognized as an HDTV, but it doesn't really change much.
  7. Possibly. Any monitor with HDMI 1.3 or above can support 1080p 144 Hz, although not all monitors choose to support it. Some are limited to 60 Hz over HDMI but this is a limitation of those particular monitors, it doesn't have anything to do with HDMI itself, and other monitors do allow 1080p 144 Hz over HDMI 1.4 like the ViewSonic XG2401.
  8. Yes, it can be used for higher refresh rates at lower resolutions, if the display supports it. This is also true of previous versions of HDMI, no version of HDMI has ever been limited to 60 Hz.
  9. See here, there is a section specifically about this:
  10. The monitor should come with a DisplayPort cable already, just use that one. And no, DisplayPort cables do not have versions.
  11. Are you using an adapter from VGA?
  12. 59 Hz is 59.94 Hz, the number is just being truncated when displayed.
  13. You are experiencing a placebo, the test never communicates over the internet. You need internet to load the website but the test itself is performed locally. The browser, having downloaded the instructions on how to perform the test (by loading the page), changes the color of the box and records the time, then waits for a mouse click and records the time again. It's not sending your click to a server or anything, and the color change of the box isn't being directed by a server. The latency of the monitor and equipment do affect the test slightly, but the internet connection has no part at all.
  14. I've never heard of one that doesn't
  15. The Xeon E3 1231v3 doesn't have integrated graphics.