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  1. Typical BD movies take up 25–30 GB on the disc, every 1X drive speed is 4.5 MB/s for BD, so you can do the math Most movies take about an hour on my laptop drive when it's locked to 2X, though if I put it to sleep and wake it up again it unlocks and then takes about half that time (up to 6X on my drive, though the speed will vary as you go; the data rate will increase steadily as it goes toward the outer edge of the disc, then decrease again when it transitions to the second layer and goes back toward the inside of the disc). At least with my drive anyway.
  2. Glenwing

    Will this monitor work with G-sync compatibility.

  3. Glenwing

    Will G-Sync monitors ever support FreeSync?

    Even if it were, updating firmware on monitors is not simple
  4. Glenwing

    Blurry Text / Font when using 144hz BenQ XL2730Z

    Sounds dead to me.
  5. Glenwing

    g sync

  6. Glenwing

    "G-Sync Compatible" Master Thread

    Unfortunately no, as mentioned in the "Requirements" section:
  7. Try disconnecting the monitor from power for a minute
  8. Glenwing

    144 hz problem... Rtx cards...

    Use the pinned thread: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/729232-guide-to-display-cables-adapters-v2/ They do work up to 144 Hz.
  9. Glenwing

    Can the chip in the gsync panel break ?

    Laptops don't use dedicated G-Sync modules.
  10. Glenwing

    "G-Sync Compatible" Master Thread

    Added I don't have time to maintain a list, but I added a link to one that's being done on Reddit.
  11. Glenwing

    "G-Sync Compatible" Master Thread

    Do you meet all the requirements listed in the first post?
  12. Glenwing

    DP to HDMI adaptor for freesync.

    Yes, that's possible. It's up to NVIDIA though.
  13. Glenwing

    G-SYNC/Adaptive sync nvidia 417.71 issues

  14. Glenwing

    DP to HDMI adaptor for freesync.

    Not in the foreseeable future. FreeSync doesn't work through DP to HDMI adapters as far as I'm aware, and that's been here for years.