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  1. Laptop displayport to 144hz monitor issues PLS HALP!

    I see, I misread, sorry. Try setting a custom resolution.
  2. Laptop displayport to 144hz monitor issues PLS HALP!

    You can't use a standard DisplayPort to DVI cable. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/729232-guide-to-display-cables-adapters-v2/?section=high_refresh_displays
  3. bad backlight bleed or whatev?

    Looks fine to me.
  4. So basically, a second copy of the sheet but filtered so that only the green unmarked ones are listed?
  5. Help with laptop to tv

    Looks correct. The USB port should work fine from the TV, but if it doesn't then you can just use any USB phone charger you have laying around. EDIT: As mentioned below, the USB would be plugged into the computer, not the TV.
  6. Try running it on integrated graphics first before buying a new GPU.
  7. 2 monitors 1 port

    A splitter will only duplicate the image, HDMI does not support multiple independent video streams on a single port. Use an adapter from one of your other video ports. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/729232-guide-to-display-cables-adapters-v2/?input=HDMI
  8. Will Nvidia GPU useful for free sync monitor

    It will just be a normal monitor if you don't have an AMD card.
  9. How to make your windows multitask with multi-monitor setup

    Try Windows Key + Arrow Keys
  10. Please help me understand the basics of PCIe PLX

    SLI will work as long as the card is operating in x8 mode, and a PLX switch will still allow it to do that.
  11. Please help me understand the basics of PCIe PLX

    PLX is a company, they make (among other things) PCI Express switches, often generically called "PLX chips" by people in the tech community. Since the CPU has only 16 lanes, switches are used to allow lanes to have some flexibility in how they are configured. When you have an x16 slot, and a slot below it wired for x8, that is 24 lanes worth of wiring, but only 16 total are provided by the CPU. To wire up the slots, 8 of those lanes are routed through a simple PCI Express switch called a quick switch, which basically acts like a railroad track switch and disconnects 8 of the lanes from the top slot and connects them to the second slot instead, if a device is detected there, moving it from x16/x0 to x8/x8. There are more complex PCI Express switches available, which are the ones people are referring to when they talk about "PLX chips". Instead of acting like a railroad track switch which disconnects the lanes from one slot and connects it to another instead, the PLX chip connects to both slots simultaneously, and combines the data more intelligently, so that the devices are not strictly capped at 8 lanes worth of bandwidth. The total amount of data from both devices cannot exceed 8 lanes worth of bandwidth through the switch, but it effectively allows one device to use some of the other device's bandwidth if it isn't using all of it, instead of being capped at x8 speed. For example, with a PLX switch, you would be able to have the top slot operating at x16 (8 lanes directly connected, and the other 8 through the PLX switch) and the second slot also operating at x8 simultaneously (8 lanes through the PLX switch). Since the switch only has 8 lanes total, it cannot provide a full 8 lanes of bandwidth to both devices simultaneously, so the graphics card wouldn't be able to use the full x16 bandwidth and the other device use its full x8 bandwidth at the same time. But if the second device is not using the full 8 lanes worth of bandwidth, then any extra can be allocated to the top slot instead of just being wasted.
  12. Difference between mAh and Wh in batteries.

    Watt hours is the amount of energy in a battery. Amp hours is the amount of charge (electrons) in the battery. For a battery of X amp-hours, the actual amount of energy it contains depends on the energy per charge (measured in volts). A 10 Ah battery holding charge at 12 V carries four times as much energy as a 10 Ah battery holding charge at 3 V. Ah (mAh) is not a useful measurement of battery capacity and it is actually quite meaningless aside from the fact that phones have standardized around it, so it can be used for comparison purposes. mAh as a numerical value does not really tell you how much power the battery can provide, and cannot be used to compare battery power from dissimilar devices (i.e. a phone battery vs a laptop battery) because they operate at different voltages. Watt-hours, combined with the power usage of the device (in Watts) will tell you how long the battery can power the device, and how long an X-watt charger will take to charge the battery, and this is true across all devices and should be the universal standard of measurement for battery capacity in the electronics industry. Laptop batteries are typically measured in Watt-hours already. I don't know why phone batteries have standardized around Amp-hours, but it's dumb.
  13. Help on monitor and tv?

  14. hdmi to dvi resolution?

    DVI to HDMI cable will work fine.
  15. MacBook Pro with (x4 < Thunderbolt 4 eGPU's)?

    The ports are connected in pairs, if you put a high performance device in one port it will disable or severely limit the second port.