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  1. Hi, I have a few systems with ASUS P8Z77-M Pro motherboards, which are equipped with TPM 20-1 headers. I bought some pre-owned TPM modules for those and after installing any of said modules on the motherboard, the system refuses to boot. Normally there is a beep before the ASUS splash screen appears on the display, but when the module is installed, there is no beep and the monitor doesn't detect any input. I have updated the BIOS to the latest version without any issues. I'm starting to wonder if the MBs and TPMs are brand-intercompatible, as the MB is from ASUS, and the modules are Gigabyte GC-TPM Rev 1.0, but I found no information on that before I bought the modules. Has anybody had similar issues or do you have any tips?
  2. Excellent! I was just thinking about upgrading my room with a 100" projection screen doubling as a window blind and a ceiling mounted projector. The short-throw would be ideal, since I have like 1.5 meters of space between my ceiling lamp and window. Do want.
  3. I am trying to set up computers in my office so that all files that were not saved in certain protected folders wolud be deleted periodically. I would like that to happen either when the PC is put to sleep, or restarted/shut down/booted up. Is there any software method to do that other than running a VM with Windows every time?
  4. Do i want this? Hell yeah. Why? Because I fell in love with the Zboxes we have in the office an their simplicity combined with efficiency simply blows me away. I want more of this. Also, this is an excellent solution for a crammed desk like mine, being able to hide behind the monitor. It also doubles as a sweet LAN rig.
  5. @Nena360 Well, I have seen examples like h81m-e33, like I said, and also I assume that if the bios offers the overclocking option, it should be supported.
  6. I already have the latest BIOS available for this motherboard. BIOS update was the first thing I did, I forgot to mention that, sorry.
  7. Hi, I've recently bought Pentium G3258 and a cheap MSI motherboard, the H81M PRO-VD, because it was the cheapest available supporting front panel USB 3.0. I know, I should've bought something better for OCing, like z97, but I've seen successful overclock on even cheaper boards, like h81m-p33. Here's the issue: I can't overclock my CPU either automatically via OC Genie 4.0 nor manually. When I activate OC Genie in BIOS (there's a virtual button for the boards without physical one) and run Intel Extreme Tuning utility in Windows I can't change the clock ratio in Basic Tuning menu, and in Advanced Tuning there's "Overclocking Lock" setting, disabled. To enable this a reboot is needed, but after that i get the message that Overclocking Lock could not be applied. When I try to OC maually I can't even rise the multiplier by 1 - the system gets stuck in the booting loop, goes up to displaying Windows logo and sometimes "Starting repair" caption and then it reboots. This happens regardless of the voltage setting - I've tried Override with 1.250V and Auto (just in case), and there's no difference. Also, CPU-Z shows my multiplier as x32 (x8-x32), which would mean that I can't push it any further. Any help?
  8. I'm not closed for other alternatives, but AM4 will se the light of day in 2016, 1151 is in its infancy with only two rather expensive CPUs on the market at the moment and 2011-3 is indeed well developed and might be a good choice, but I doubt my wallet could withstand that. So I guess I will stick with 1150. After all, the differences in performance between generations are not that enormous. If the first Ivy Bridge i7 CPUs seem relevant to me today, I suppose I might be satisfied with a 4790K a couple years down the line, after a CPU upgrade. And then maybe I will get ready for what will come after Skylake. I could also wait until it develops a little more, but I'm not very patient.
  9. @Nena360 I see... this chipset looks really great. But then again, I haven't found any affordable x99 motherboard (below $90) and the DDR4, at least where I live cost almost twice as much as DDR3 of the same capacity. I know, they are faster, but I'm a cheap bastard unfortunately.
  10. @Morgan MLGman Yeah, I've heard of Dual Graphics, but I've also read that very frequently the integrated graphics processor holds back the discrete GPU from reaching its peak performance while in DG config - isn't that true? I might be misinformed. @Nena360 As I said, 1151 is too new, there are no Skylake processors on the market that I could afford right now And isn't LGA2011 older than 1150 and therefore dead-er? I'm still kinda newbie in that, could you explain that to me?
  11. Wow, that was quick. Yeah, I was considering the 1150 mostly because of the G3258 processor and several Linus' vids recommending it for budget builds. As for FM2+ I was considering that if I was to buy an APU with R7/R9 integrated graphics which could allow me to use the pc until I find a decent discrete card (probably 1 year old second-hand), but then again - after that I wouldn't use the integrated GPU anymore, so it would be money wasted, I guess As for AM3+ - there is an AM4 so I guess its support will end sooner than the newer LGA1150. About the 1151 Raffy98 mentioned - right now there is like, ONE motherboard available that fits below my pricepoint (ASUS H170M-E D3) and two CPUs, the cheaper of which costs more than two times the amount I was planning to spend, so nope ;p
  12. This is my first activity on this forum, so hello everyone! I'd like to hear your opinion about futureproofness of the currently available sockets. The reason I'm asking this is because I'm planning on building a new rig while low on budget, so I'd rather upgrade my current PC bit by bit than buy everything at once. Also, since I'm most commonly short on money, I don't think I could afford an extensive upgrade for the next three-four years after that. Having said that, I'm wondering which of the three sockets (AM3+, FM2+ or LGA1150) offers better upgrade path if I decide to buy a decent motherboard (up to 350 PLN - I live in Poland, it's about 90 USD or 120 CAD), an entry-level CPU (or APU) for more or less the same price, overclock it a little and if need arise upgrade it while keeping the mobo. I'm planning build a general purpose rig - for moderate gaming, watching videos, web browsing and working with office applications, AutoCad, Matlab, etc. My gaming expectations aren't high, since my current setup is a Core2duo T6600 & Geforce GT220M laptop and Athlon 64 x2 4200+ & Radeon 9400 GT PC - anything capable of 60FPS 1366x768 or more on current games will do. What do you think?