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  1. Maybe have a look your router, this more and more sounded like it's bottleneck out at router. Make sure your router can do 1Gbps from the spec search. Also an ONT = Modem for fibre, behide ONT usually it's Router.
  2. pfSense it's running based on FreeBSD 10.1 for current version which also means whatever hardware driver FreeBSD 10.1 support it's being ported over to pfSense. check here for the Hardware list:- https://www.freebsd.org/releases/10.1R/hardware.html And do a hardware "chipset" search on that page, e.g. "Intel i82586" for one type of the NIC. Here is my box hardware list:- Intel Xeon E3-1225 V2 @ 3.20GhzIntel S1200KPR server board mini-ITXA-data ECC 4GB x 2 1600MHzIntel Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T2 This box has been running for few years now with zero issue with latest version of pfSense.
  3. There are some people have got it working by going back from Magician 4.6 to 4.4 Problem with 4.6 is it doesn't recognise correct OS.
  4. if your line it's stable enough and copper quality up to par and you on xDSL you can looking into interleaving, normally ISP will have interleaving enable by default. You can look into it and turn it off, you might lost a little speed but ping will be hell alot better.
  5. Please also check if Windows Firewall have VNC in the allow list and ticked.
  6. my experience with pfSense I learned, always check if your on-board NIC chip is supported by current BSD vserion used by pfSense e.g. current version using FreeBSD 10.1 so https://www.freebsd.org/releases/10.1R/hardware.html You will have a better idea for what hardware to use or not to use, and yes if you want to stick with pfSense just pick up some cheap intel NIC that are supported from eBay or Amazon That aside, for auto detect interface you need to plug eth cable into the port on PC from switch/router while in auto select. Also with some googleing your board only have 1 NIC on-board, it just wouldn't work unless you running both WAN and LAN on 1 x RJ45 port and separate them by VLAN.
  7. wired solution would be the best way to go but not always possible. if it's not possible I would look into directional wireless antenna if you have a good light of sight of each building. some of those directional antenna are rated like 30km or so, but that's way too over kill. have a look products like Ubiquiti NanoStation 200mW one are rated at 1km+, and 500mW one are going to be at 15km+ and they are fairly cheap in team of price.
  8. few months away from NBN, prolly not worth doing it unless you want to setup something like fallover on your copper line. anyhow I will stop giving you ideas, good luck.
  9. How old is your router? if everything checks out above from what other have said, I would suggest you maybe try a new modem/router.
  10. if you gonna be sticking with copper line, I would suggest get a master filter installed, the reason being:- 1. xDSL filters in house can be faulty, and it's gonna be a pain to find out which if you have lots around the house. 2. each filter actually adding noise to your copper line, so master filter will keep it down to just one filter. Not sure about in Australia but in New Zealand all install of copper line are required a master filter now. it look something like this:-
  11. There is few more information needed, before useful advice being given. 1. are you going to have WiFi device on different VLAN? which separate from your wired devices. 2. what are those extra room used for? renting out to other ppl?
  12. Sounds like you are getting DDOSed and if your line is dynamic reboot your modem & router will get your a new ip which fix the problem. But if the person who is DDOSing your got your IP address again, than you shit out of luck and will need reboot everything again.
  13. Linux box - Smokeping Windows - PingPlotter (has free and paid version)
  14. Network stability prolly could be done putting your network under load? a simple program could do this is iperf, and have few of them running from different PC or laptop so on.