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  1. i see thx for the input coz some guys on my end recommending me a 27 inch curve instead of 24 since they said its a ton better on curve monitors
  2. yeah for flatscreen but some says curve is different dunno if thats true though since i dont own but planning to get one
  3. is it true that 1080p 27 inch curve is better than 24 inch curve monitor ??
  4. hi guys im on the limited budget and i need to buy a new one for rx 570 currently looking at this 3 choices fsp hyperk 500w cm mwe V2 450w/500/550w close range prices corsair vs
  5. wall outlet ehh well on my case my computer/electric fan/modem/speakers are the only thing connected to it on the mains yeah its old but we have a breaker ,fridge is always on air condition is off no heater since l live in a tropical country ill get a power surge protector 1st since my generic avr is useless btw last week before my cm psu died i smelled something burning it might be my psu
  6. I'm using a case cooler master n600 , my psu cooler master v750w it suddenly died on me today it only last or 3 years for a gold psu idk what cause the issue i dont have a video card install on my pc right now then i change my psu to a thermaltake lightpower 700w within 3 hours that psu suddenly exploded luckily all my other components still fine by testing on my friend rig idk what cause the explosion thing my v750 w cm does not explode but its not working , my stock from my old rig thermaltake explode my current rig ecs h61h2-mv v1 i5 3570 stock cooler g skill 8gb 2 fan 1 from the front 1 from the back 1 tb HDD generic AVR philips 15 inch led monitor as you can see no video card no rgb no other components or peripherals that can get more power idk why my thermaltake exploded its a 700w even though its not bronze /seilver / gold / platinum psu i used that on my old rig for more than 5 years ,maybe it exploded because its old ? or my avr is generic ? if that is the cause why is that my cm v750w doesn't explode is because its a gold psu ?? need help guys !! before buying again a new psu BTW Im going to upgrade my cpu/mobo soon + a new video card since I'm waiting for vega so i can decide if gtx 1070 or vega, thinking of a K chip or even ryzen cpu so i need a much better psu than before i hope it will last more than 3 years this time around . btw i want a fully modular what I'm eyeing right now with same price category EVGA G2 650w corsair rm 650x seasonic x 650
  7. all aboard to the new hype theres a leaked from videocardz about the new gtx 1060 http://wccftech.com/nvidia-gtx-1060-specifications-benchmarks-leaked/
  8. yup but i prefer for custom cooler aib if ur not rushing coz that will be much better than the current reference model
  9. yep watch some review they running it all ultra with msaa on tweak that and u will get 60 fps +
  10. and rx 480 can even beat the stock gtx 980 on dx 12 games wait for more mature drivers and custom cooler aib and u will get a monster mainstream gpu , gtx 970 is no longer recommended when u are buying new gpu and on budget
  11. nope the only one disappointed are those who expect a reference card to exceed the gtx 980 but hey it did exceed the stock gtx 980 on some dx 12 games and more to come 2016 onward !
  12. thats look like a 1070 zotac amp extreme
  13. sad no price but the release is 2nd week of july or around of july