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    Intel i5 4690k
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    ASRock Aniversary Z97
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    16GB G. Skill 2133 Ripjaws
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    MSI GTX 750 Ti
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    Sandisk 128GB SSD
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    M12ii Seasonic 520W
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    Corsair K70 Cherry MX Red

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  1. Update: I don't understand why, but changing the scenario from extreme performance to balanced in Dragon Center fixes the issue at least for now.
  2. I've tried that, I thought it might of been it when I tried resetting the bios.
  3. A few minutes after I turn on my computer the CPU drops to 0.8 ghz. I've tried turning off MSI gaming mode, resetting bios and temps low. I've attached a clip of when it drops to 0.8ghz and it's temps when it does. Specs: CPU 10700k Cooler: H115i CPU 2070 Super Mobo Z490 RAM 32GB Storage 1TB Samsung SSD PS Fractal 860W 20200916_074540.mp4
  4. Specs: CPU 10700k Cooler: H115i CPU 2070 Super Mobo Z490 RAM 32GB Storage 1TB Samsung SSD PS Fractal 860W In CSGO, I'm getting low FPS (sub 30) but on my hardware monitor GPU and CPU Usage are low (under 10%). I have updated all my drivers and tried lowering the graphics settings and it does not fix the issue.
  5. I've been going through every setting, turns out to be changing it to CSM. Stupid how hidden it is in this bios with so much 'easy mode' stuff.
  6. I've changed out my CPU, Motherboard and RAM combo (now 10700k, z490 and 32gb) and now it is stuck booting into the BIOS. I connected all my previous drives and they all show in the BIOS. I have the boot order set to hard drive and tried restoring default and it still goes to BIOS. I've also tried only plugging one drive which doesn't work.
  7. It’s a bit of a complicated housing situation with landlord. ethernet is kinda tricky and was hoping there’s a better solution. I’ve read about setting up mesh but have seen mixed opinions on it.
  8. My router is setup in the basement and trying to get a setup that can reach my third floor. What are some suggestions that is best for long ranges? I’ve tried powerline but it hasn’t been great with it dropping many times.
  9. So its been a while since I've changed any components and considering getting a RTX 2070. It says it needs a minimum of 550W but I have a 520W. I'm guess it should be fine since my other components don't use that much. Can someone confirm it'll be alright and if there may be any issues. Also open to other upgrade ideas. Part List: 4690k Corsair H115i Asrock Z97 16GB RAM RX590 Seasonic M12II EVO 520W
  10. This is my main drive I'm cloning, OS and all, all the disk tools have these migration things that migrate OS. Would they not be necessary if you clone it.
  11. Yea, it looks like it did. Also I don't need to migrate OS if i cloned it right?