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  1. Runs like a dream on my nvidia shield tablet. I just can't mess around with power saver modes like the old one. Could just be me though.
  2. You pay over 500 dollars for any single PC part.
  3. It's advertised as <10
  4. That question usually depends on the users current phone. How old is your phone now?
  5. sweetwater.com has a sale on the JBL monitors right now. Buy one get the second one half off.
  6. I'd rather go with an SM58 for the same price
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgu8oYF_St0 Best song out of Grandma's Boy the movie.
  8. From personal experience the only advantage I've ever seen aside from build quality (but even then, you can't upgrade most of them unless you have a mac pro) is the fact they run more reliably without errors on Avid software.
  9. having a dust and water proof phone is always a + Thanks for sponsoring the video Dbrand.. Skin is clutch as well
  10. Quite the headphone museum without a doubt.... I'm jelly
  11. What headphones are you all using? And why did purchase them? I personally use Sennheiser HD280's. I initially bought them because of the overwhelming amount of great reviews it had, and never really felt the need to purchase a different pair.
  12. My guess is gearslutz would tell you one of two things. A. Get a pair of LSR 305s or equator D5s. C. Don't bother because you don't have any treatment (lol)