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  1. Should I replace my DT990 250ohm Pros with a used HE 400S?

    I see. Hm, slightly off topic question. Do I need an amp for the HE-400s and the HE-400i? I'm thinking of selling my whole kit: DT990 Pro and Fiio E18 to get an HE-400i with some cash left for... pizza
  2. Should I replace my DT990 250ohm Pros with a used HE 400S?

    That's the old version (as pointed out by Dackzy). I occasionally listen to some Machinae Supremacy but definitely lesser than how much I listen to other genres/artists That's exactly the reason why I'd do the swap. The highs on the DT 990 become unbearable with certain songs... I like me some Bob Marley but instead of getting good vibes from his music, my head is just splitting into two from the sharp highs Is there any way I can mod the Hifiman's to make them more durable? The owner of the HE 400s already reinforced the wires Not related: But I will put Brainwavz Angled Memory Foams for the HE 400s if I end up swapping
  3. Should I replace my DT990 250ohm Pros with a used HE 400S?

    In terms of currency. I don't live in US. Prices here for headphones are jacked up so good deals usually come in the form of used bits I do want to audition them!! I was hoping I would get an easy answer though. Foolish me
  4. I just bought my DT990 (used) for $173 two weeks ago and it's been great. I do wish the mids were more pronounced and the highs were calmer. I found a listing for a used HE 400S going for $171. It has repaired and reinforced cables. The owner bought it used so I'll be the 3rd owner if I end up swapping to this (I'm fine with this TBH). I'll mainly use it for movies and games (FPS like Overwatch, Battlegrounds, Destiny 2). I listen to music from time to time (mostly Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, etc) ps I'm confident I can sell my DT990 for $161 at the LEAST. pps Prices are converted from Philippine Peso. Hopefully that explains the absurd prices I have to deal with, lol
  5. Kindle Paperwhite, yay or nay? Planning to gift it to my SO

    Thank you guys. I have decided to get other things instead.
  6. Hi! I've been thinking about the Kindle paperwhite for weeks as a holiday gift to my SO. It's either that or the first hard bound book of Saga. She's into fantasy literature but she's read most of it already (I wish she was lying so I have more gift options but alas, she's legit). So she reads more from little publishers nowadays (or that's what I think she's doing) Anyways. How's the Kindle? Is the book selection big enough that they also have -underground- stuff? I wish I knew the authors she's reading but I don't. Sad. Anyways, I hear you can load PDF's into it to read and annotate (highlight). How does that work if the PDF file has graphics? She's a masters student so she does quite a bit of academic reading too I'm bothered whenever she uses a LCD screen to read her PDF's and eBooks. She already has bad vision and the LCD screens aren't helping.
  7. I've got an i5 4670k (overclocked to 4.1GHz) and a GTX 980 Ti (mildly overclocked) and the game runs terribly on my 1080p 144hz monitor. Oddly enough, my frames stay above 60fps more when I'm on my 1600p monitor. What the heck. This game is thirsty for CPU power. It's ridiculous that an i5 6600k is the bare minimum for this game.
  8. My friend is having this problem. He can't use the other features like Blur Reduction because of this so he plays CSGO and Overwatch with G-Sync. Has anyone solved this? He has the latest Nvidia drivers but he can't install the INF driver (from disk) of the monitor. However, his computer recognizes his monitor as XL2420G and not as PnP Generic shit.
  9. Should I get the Acer XB271HU or the Asus PG279Q now? Or wait?

    I see. I'm not taken aback by BLB since I've been using IPS panels since the start. However, I'm turned off by the intense BLB on some PG279Q panels. Thankfully there's an ROG shop in my city! I just learned of it today. They let customers cherry pick their monitors in their shop. I'll remember to bring some photo samples as well as white, light grey, and black backgrounds once I. They don't refresh these kinds of things a lot huh? I can wait but if I get a great unit at a good price, then I'm sold. Thank you for the very informative reply! I was afraid no one would post here.
  10. Hi all! I've got the money to upgrade to one of these monitors which will replace my Dell U3014. I do gaming and photo-editing so I need an IPS panel and I want the 144hz refresh rate. I've been over-reading so many things and TrustedReviews says that the Acer and Asus have a similar sRGB coverage (around 96.5%). TFTCentral would've been another great source but unfortunately they don't have a review for the Acer. The Acer is cheaper by $100 in my country so it's more appealing to me than the Asus. I picked up this Amazon review saying that the Acer slightly washes its color away to hide the BLB unlike the Asus. They use the same panel after all and the companies are just trying to come up with tricks to outdo each other. I get that. I expect monitors in this price range to be perfect and have better sRGB coverage than my current Dell U3014 (yes I know it's made for Adobe RGB). However, these nitpicky things are turning me off... should I wait until OLED (???) or some weird but more effective tech hits the mainstream or just get a monitor now and be happy for 3 or so years? Thanks! Sources: Asus review from TrustedReviews: http://www.trustedreviews.com/asus-rog-swift-pg279q-review-image-quality-and-verdict-page-2 Acer review from TrustedReviews: http://www.trustedreviews.com/acer-predator-xb271hu-review-image-quality-and-verdict-page-2 Amazon Review: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-reviews/R26BTOYV4AN8UI/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_viewpnt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B017DG09WM#R26BTOYV4AN8UI ps If I do get one of these monitors, then I'll look for a place that rents out colorimeters to enhance color fidelity.
  11. Is this BF1 G2A listing for real? Around 20 bucks less!

    I have a hunch they buy off the keys from EA employees (they can get the game for 20bucks)... anyways, I've also heard they release keys a week late
  12. Is this BF1 G2A listing for real? Around 20 bucks less!

    It's one of those things that are too good to be true
  13. https://www.g2a.com/paypal24?adid=paypal24_20161019&id=100&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=ads&utm_campaign=fb_paypal_24_20161019 I am about to bite the bullet... I just heard that there are some scams in G2G so I'm cautious about this. Also, what do I pick for "Select your localization" if I live in Asia? Is it Outside EU
  14. Best budget mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse?

    If you can find a used Corsair K65 that would be awesome and cheap compared to the ones nowadays...
  15. EC2-A or Razer Deathadder Chroma?

    I'm fine with this version. The sidebuttons are eh but good enough. This mouse isn't the best for productivity though and that makes me want to keep my Mionix Naos, haha Exactly!!! Easier to grip than a wide mouse like the Mionix Naos