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  1. Rtx one: https://www.alternate.nl/ASUS/ROG-Zephyrus-M-GX531GW-ES027T-15-6-inch-laptop/html/product/1503507?event=search Gtx one: https://www.alternate.nl/ASUS/ROG-Zephyrus-GX501GI-EI016T-15-6-inch-laptop/html/product/1434756?event=search For weight im looking for something not more then 3kg including the power brick. Dont realy care about the battery tbh
  2. Hey, I have a dilemma, im looking for a thin & light gaming laptop for roundabouts €2500 or less. I have found the Asus Zephyrus GX501GI-EI016T with gtx 1080 max q, the older model for €2.399, And the Asus Zephyrus GX531GW-ES027T with rtx 2070 max q, the newest model for €2.499 Here comes the dilemma, I know the old one is faster but i like the newer model's looks better. What do i choose? What should i choose, and are there better options? If u look at my prev posts u can see that i asked back in 2015 what the best laptop was for me, i went with the msi gs60 2qe-028NL which has served me well for 3 years every day use 6 hours+. For some reason people hate msi and i dont quite see it. Razer and gigabyte are no option because for some reason they are not sold in my country (the Netherlands) or ill have to buy em with a quertz keyboard off amazon.de which is not an option. Sorry for the grammar and spelling english is my secondary language and thanks for reading / comments, Wisoke
  3. i liked the battery life and the camera's combined with a beautiful screen, a complete pakkage. my youtube acc: kevin wijngaards
  4. i liked the slomotion the most i saw the nice framerate and thought wow. my youtube acc: kevin wijngaards
  5. msi gs70 is slim but runs verry hot is it a good choice?
  6. hey people of the internet, i have trubble finding a thin gaming laptop/notebook i have a big budget of 2200$ or 2000 euro i don't want a desktop i already have a good one, i want a 970m or higher with i7 gen 5 and a 1080p ips screen or higher res. what do u guys recomend? thnx ps. sorry for bad grammar i'm dutch