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Everything posted by potatoproduction

  1. Once u get the tor browser how do you find any websites?
  2. Does a good GPU help at all when watching 4k movies? (In a browser)
  3. Why is it dangerous to unplug a computer without shutting it down first? What can happen and why?
  4. What are the limits to over clocking other than cooling?
  5. I also used to watch your vids back when u had 25000 subs
  6. I have a ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT that is on my old computer
  7. Does anyone know how to play windows steam games on a Mac?
  8. 1. $300 pc 2. $300 for sub zero cooling No off the shelf part 3.best performance ,looks and how long it can stay sub zero
  9. A nasa supercomputer for solitaire
  10. Which is better in terms of performance and value a Titan z or a Titan x?
  11. What's the worse that can happen from a GPU or CPU overheating
  12. Would it do that immediately after u turn on the computer or a bit after and could it lite on fire?
  13. What would happen if your PSU isn't enough and you start up the computer
  14. I'm trying to save to buy a b-class Gtx 970 from evga but there out of stock, so I was wondering how long it usually takes for them to go back in stock.